Nano-H France

Nano-H AGuIX: the nanomedicine solution to improve MRI-guided radiation therapy Industry sectors Biotech Therapeutics Area Oncology
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AGuIX is a Gadolinium nanoparticle, injectable by IV, that improve MRI-guided radiation therapy, allowing personalized medicine for an optimize radiation treatment. Eliminated by the kidneys without toxicity, AGuIX allow within a single injection tumor delineation and enhancement of treatment efficacy.

Which problem are you solving ?

Radiation therapy can generates toxicity in the organs surrounding the tumor and CT images are not specific in soft tissue areas. AGuIX enhance the tumor delineation under MRI by enhancing the contrast and boost the effect of the radiation in the tumor. AGuIX can enhance treatment efficacy and might be use to reduce the planned dose to spare the healthy organs.

Target market segments

1/ Radiation Oncology 2/ Contrast Agent 3/ Compagnon diagnosis

Key value proposition

1/ Radiosensitizer 2/ MRI agent 3/ Personalized medicine / Various injection mode

Alexandre Detappe
Engineer R&D 

OLMIX Group France

Olmix is a marine biotechnology specialist providing algae-based therapeutic solutions in CNS, oncology and immunology.


Olmix group has developed specific knowledge and technologies to extract and select algal molecules of interest for animal and plant health. Some of these molecules can also be beneficial for human health and one of them has been identified as a potential antidepressant for humans.                                             

We have found in algae a new antidepressant molecule which from what we know at the moment provide beneficial effects against depression without any undesirable side effect.



  • Efficient Natural solution
  • No side effect
  • Easy to produce


  • Central Nervous system             
  • Antidepressant
  • Other applications and compounds in oncology and immunology



  • Co-development partners with interest in described therapeutic areas
  • Investors (Corporate funds, VC...)
Scientific Advisor 

Oncodesign France

ONCODESIGN We care for cancer. Industry sectors Biotech Therapeutics Area CNS-Neurology
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Backed by unique experience acquired through more than 600 clients, including the world

Which problem are you solving ?

At the core of our innovative connection-based concept, our qualifying approach generates as much information as possible about the pharmacological behavior of a molecule. With this approach, Oncodesign aims to optimally position each molecule towards a disease indication and a patient population, in order to maximize its value.

Target market segments

Pharmaceutical Labs / Biotechs / Academics

Key value proposition

Innovation: Oncodesign devises new solutions (Pharmimage)

Christian MILLA


OsseoMatrix OsseoMatrix design, manufacture and sell patient specific synthetic bone implants. Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Dental and Oral Health
Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat)
Your innovative solution

OsseoMatrix has developed a direct 3D printing process of biological ceramics which enables the manufacturing of patient specific synthetic bone implants

Which problem are you solving ?

The bioceramic implants developed by OsseoMatrix fit the anatomical complexity of cranio-maxillo-facial or orthopaedic bone losses, resulting of trauma, infection, tumor.

Target market segments

Market 1: Cranio-facial Market 2: Dental Market 3 Orthopaedic 4 Laboratories

Key value proposition

advantage 1 less invasive / advantage 2 same composition as bone / advantage 3 patient specific / advantage 4 regenerative

Didier Nimal
Founding CEO & Chairman 

Pharmagest France

Pharmagest Pharmagest is the technology subsidiary of Welcoop Group, Involved in pharmacies software (since 30 years) , e-health, connected objects for heath Industry sectors E_health Therapeutics Area Cardiology / Vascular Diseases
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Rare Disease
Your innovative solution

Remote surveillance system that improves the medical monitoring of patients treated by Peritoneal Dialysis and monitoring of the health of haemodialysis patients in self-dialysis structures.

Which problem are you solving ?

Slow the progression to terminal Chronic Renal Insufficiency (CRI). Decrease the cardiovascular morbi-mortality.Helps management and evaluation .Better control over patient at lower cost Estimated annual savings of $10,000 per patient. Assistance with billing; more effective thanks to the control panels. Less hospitalisation.

Target market segments

E health / Care / Medical Devices

Key value proposition

Selected as part of the Second e-Health call for projects under the French Government / expert systems / results

E-Healt Director 


PORSOLT Contract Research in Preclinical Pharmacology Industry sectors Other: CRO Therapeutics Area Cardiology / Vascular Diseases
Gastroenterology / Hepatology
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Obstetrics/Gynecology (Women's Health)
Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases
Your innovative solution

Porsolt, a long established, AAALAC accredited and fully GLP compliant, preclinical CRO, has been providing efficacy evaluation and safety pharmacology services for over 30 years, covering the drug development process from early screening thru regulatory submission.

Which problem are you solving ?

Porsolt provides physiopathological models in multiples species, customized procedures, and tailored solutions, (including in vitro assays and drug formulation analysis and bioanalytical services), for psychiatric and neurological disorders, pain, cardiac and vascular diseases, metabolic and eating disorders, and dermatology.

Target market segments

Pharmaceutical companies / Biotechs / Fondations / Academia

Key value proposition

Science-based / GLP compliance / tailored solutions / flexibility

Guillaume FROGET
Chief Executive Officer & President 

PPRS Research France

PPRS Research PPRS, the Strategic Partnering Organisation is specialised in the development of innovative projects with diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in the neuroscience and orphan diseases fields Industry sectors BioPharma Therapeutics Area CNS-Neurology
Rare Disease
Your innovative solution

Somno-Art is an ambulatory monitoring device allowing the scoring of the user's sleep internal structure with results equivalent to those obtained from the complex polysomnography (PSG). Based on the recordings of two basic and easy-to-measure physiological variables, heart rate and body movements, our in-house software produces a full description of the sleep architecture

Which problem are you solving ?

Around 20% of the overall population suffers from chronic sleep disorders resulting in tens of billion dollars of productivity losses with serious repercussions on the overall health of people (blood pressure, obesity, chronic fatigue...). Somno-Art will allow easier and faster sleep diagnostics compared to traditional sleep monitoring devices.

Target market segments

Research market / Sleep labs market / Medical market

Key value proposition

Medical results / Automatic scoring / Ambulatory / Easy-to-use


Protecsom France


ProtecSom designs smart respiratory drug delivery devices to improve pulmonary drug distribution and patients life.

Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Pediatrics/Neonatology
Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases
Your innovative solution

Optim'Hal provides real-time information on the drug dose inhaled from a metered dose inhaler with a spacer device. It sends this information to any computer, smartphone or tablet and also converts it as light and sound signals to encourage drug taking among toddlers.

Which problem are you solving ?

Compliance is a major problem with asthma sufferers. Thanks to incentive provided to patients, children and parents, Optim'Hal improves compliance. The inhaled dose and speed of the inspiratory flow are critical to the reliability of the inhaled treatment. Thanks to information about these settings, Optim'Hal' makes the treatment more reliable.

Target market segments

Asthma and COPD sufferers. /Any inhaled treatment. /Research centers about aerosoltherapy.

Key value proposition

Better compliance, thanks to incentive signals or applications depending on the age / Better surveillance, thanks to true data on patient compliance available for caregivers / Improving pulmonary drug distribution thanks to information on inspiratory flow

Mr Thierry POREE
Mr Thierry POREE

S14 Implants France

S14 Implants  Consisted of a highly skilled and creative team of surgeons and engineers, S14 Implants brings its expertise in spinal implants and biocompatible polymers to design and manufacture a new generation of products with superior outcomes. Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Your innovative solution

Our unique technology combines visco elastic shock absorbers with rigid components in one device to restore the anatomical functions. Our first product 

Which problem are you solving ?

B Dyn relieves pressure on the inter vertebral disc as well as the articular facets and by controlling motion, preserves the intervertebral disc and the articular facets from final fusion. For the patients the outcomes evaluated 2 years after the surgery are superior to the standard technic of fusion.

Target market segments

Lumbar Spine Degenerative Market

Key value proposition

Superior clinical outcomes 



Our software enables a rapid development of web or mobile portals or "app stores", dedicated to help people to manage their health or autonomy.

Technically, we facilitate interaction between services, serious games, algorithms and medical contents that will be integrated in a single portal where they will have a single management tool and one single database.

In addition, an administration tool enables to its operator the management of the platform : CMS, enrollment, statistics and connectors.

To date, we expect 1 M€ turnover in 2015, with 6 customers, mainly insurers and state organization like CNAM, the equivalent of NHS, the Regional Health Agency (ARS Ile de France) or City of Paris.

For instance, we have developed an e-health portal for employees. This portal, called "MyPrevention", integrates 12 inter-connected applications : e-health prevention applications, an encyclopedia, information and coaching platforms, ...

The services are provided by 12 different companies.

About this project, our lauching plan, forecasts 50 000 users by the end of October 2015 and 400.000 in 2016.

We have also developped a social network which integrates a serious game, an agenda, a visio conference access, a connection with a services platform.

This project has been designed for the dependant persons of the city of Paris and will be launched and operated by the Welfare Department of the City of Paris.

Even if the French market is still under creation, we strongly believe that market shares must be grabbed now. So far, we have a successful commercial activity and we are strongly confident that we will be in a strong position to address a mass e-health market. 

This market will be driven by the demand expressed by end users who expect more collaboration between insurers, national healthcare operators , pharmaceutical labs,  in order to provide them with integrated care services.

Our strategy is always the same :

- identifying the main actors on a market

- finalizing partnership in order to adress the market behind his brand and his expertise.

Mr Christophe Lorieux