OLMIX Group France

Olmix is a marine biotechnology specialist providing algae-based therapeutic solutions in CNS, oncology and immunology.


Olmix group has developed specific knowledge and technologies to extract and select algal molecules of interest for animal and plant health. Some of these molecules can also be beneficial for human health and one of them has been identified as a potential antidepressant for humans.                                             

We have found in algae a new antidepressant molecule which from what we know at the moment provide beneficial effects against depression without any undesirable side effect.



  • Efficient Natural solution
  • No side effect
  • Easy to produce


  • Central Nervous system             
  • Antidepressant
  • Other applications and compounds in oncology and immunology



  • Co-development partners with interest in described therapeutic areas
  • Investors (Corporate funds, VC...)
Scientific Advisor 

Oncodesign France

ONCODESIGN We care for cancer. Industry sectors Biotech Therapeutics Area CNS-Neurology
Your innovative solution

Backed by unique experience acquired through more than 600 clients, including the world

Which problem are you solving ?

At the core of our innovative connection-based concept, our qualifying approach generates as much information as possible about the pharmacological behavior of a molecule. With this approach, Oncodesign aims to optimally position each molecule towards a disease indication and a patient population, in order to maximize its value.

Target market segments

Pharmaceutical Labs / Biotechs / Academics

Key value proposition

Innovation: Oncodesign devises new solutions (Pharmimage)

Christian MILLA

One Million Solutions in Health United States

As a not-for-profit, the goal of One Million Solutions in Health is to shape health care by sharing solutions and, importantly, to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery ... of innovative cures, treatments and preventative measures for patients around the world.

In this next year, we will be reviewing 100's of new solutions and new scientific discoveries through the Technology Evaluation Consortium™ (contact us about membership). By engaging scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, industry experts, health care professionals, and patients across various disciplines, and from around the world, we can utilize the power of the internet to disrupt things in a positive and transformative way.

We are on our way towards accelerating high-potential innovations, catalyzing investment and increasing awareness of, and support for, transformative ideas to improve health and save lives. As an example, we have had a fabulous, global response, through our sister company, to find cures and raise $100 million to support their commercialization.

We are thrilled to have you be a part of this transformative journey!

Ms Dawn Van Dam
President & CEO 

OPKO Health United States

OPKO Health, Inc. is a multi-national pharmaceutical and diagnostics company that aims to establish industry-leading positions in large and rapidly growing medical markets by leveraging our discovery, development, and commercialization expertise and our novel and proprietary technologies. We intend to leverage our global commercialization expertise to pursue acquisitions of commercial businesses that will both drive our growth and provide geographically diverse sales and distribution opportunities. We have and may continue to make investments in other early stage companies that we perceive to have valuable proprietary technology and significant potential to create value for OPKO as a shareholder. 

Our Focus is on Point-of-Care and Novel Molecular Diagnostics, Proprietary Pharmaceuticals, and Vaccines. Since 2009, OPKO has completed five national and international acquisitions contributing to its technology and commercial operations. 

OPKO continues to explore acquisition opportunities for complementary pharmaceuticals, compounds, technologies, and businesses. We expect our future growth to arise from leveraging our proprietary technology, development strengths, and pursuit of complementary and strategic acquisitions and investments.


Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Products, Medical Devices

Phil Frost MD
Chairman and CEO 
Mr Mitch Steiner

OrthoCyte Corp United States


OrthoCyte Corporation, a subsidiary of BioTime, Inc., is a biotechnology company developing cell-based therapies for bone and orthopedic soft tissue diseases and injuries. OrthoCyte has a vast library of proprietary normal human progenitor stem cells to skeletal tissues including, bone, articular cartilage, intervertebral disc, tendon, and ligament, all of which are in the preclinical phase of development.


Many surgical procedures of the spine require bone grafts to regenerate bone that has been removed or damaged due to disease or trauma. OncoCyte is focused on working toward improving patient outcomes in the spinal orthobiologics market which is currently estimated to be over $2 billion annually in the U.S., and is expected to reach $2.7 billion annually by 2020, according to GlobalData.

Dr Francois Binette
VIce President Research and Business Development 


OsseoMatrix OsseoMatrix design, manufacture and sell patient specific synthetic bone implants. Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Dental and Oral Health
Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat)
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OsseoMatrix has developed a direct 3D printing process of biological ceramics which enables the manufacturing of patient specific synthetic bone implants

Which problem are you solving ?

The bioceramic implants developed by OsseoMatrix fit the anatomical complexity of cranio-maxillo-facial or orthopaedic bone losses, resulting of trauma, infection, tumor.

Target market segments

Market 1: Cranio-facial Market 2: Dental Market 3 Orthopaedic 4 Laboratories

Key value proposition

advantage 1 less invasive / advantage 2 same composition as bone / advantage 3 patient specific / advantage 4 regenerative

Didier Nimal
Founding CEO & Chairman