VentriNova, Inc. United States

VentriNova is a regenerative medicine company focused on reversing cardiac damage by activation of intrinsic repair pathways to generate de novo heart muscle cells. VentriNova’s first generation product is a gene therapy that delivers a critical mitotic regulator to diseased heart tissue to stimulate proliferation of cardiac muscle cells.

  • No technology on the market or in clinical development, including stem cell-based technologies and other regenerative medicine applications, has the ability to grow new heart muscle cells in the diseased heart.

  • VentriNova’s pioneering science and technology is centered on development of biologic and small molecule regulators of the cyclin A2 gene – the key switch mediating heart cell division.

  • VentriNova’s technology demonstrated in both small and large animals the ability to control the modulation (increased gene expression) of the cyclin A2 gene, therefore stimulating endogenous growth of new myocytes (heart muscle cells).

  • VentriNova’s VN-100 technology is the conductor that orchestrates existing human heart
    cells to divide and regenerate themselves – a cellular function that is silenced in early human development.

Dr Hiina Chaudhry
Dr Hiina Chaudhry

VentureOutNY United States

Mr Brian Frumberg
Founder & CEO 

VIE Program - BusinessFrance United States

The VIE Program is a hassle-free HR package offered by the French government which allows your company to recruit highly skilled young professionals from Europe.  It is entirely flexible and comes with many financial advantages, which explains why the program is so successful. There are currently 8200 VIEs assigned in 1800 companies worldwide and the US is the #1 destination with more than 1000 VIEs currently assigned.

Project Manager 

Visterra Inc. United States

Visterra is a biotechnology company that uses its proprietary Hierotope™ Platform to identify unique disease targets and design and engineer effective therapeutics. The company’s technology is powered by computational tools and techniques, the core of which is Atomic Interaction Network (AIN) analysis, which uniquely identifies an area, or epitope, on the target site that is fundamental to its structure and function. This ideal epitope, or hierotope, becomes the target against which the company designs a novel therapeutic to effectively and durably combat the disease. 

The company is currently focused on therapeutics for infectious diseases, and its lead product candidate, VIS410, is a broad spectrum human monoclonal antibody for the prevention and treatment of both seasonal and pandemic influenza. The company’s second product candidate, VIS513, is a human monoclonal antibody for the treatment of dengue that has been shown to broadly neutralize all four dengue virus serotypes.

Dr Jose Trevejo
Vice President, Development 

Voluntis France

Voluntis With excellence and innovation at heart, Voluntis designs state-of-the-art mobile solutions for chronic and rare diseases to empower patients by embedding intelligence in smartphones and simplify care provision by powering health data management. Industry sectors E_health Therapeutics Area Cardiology / Vascular Diseases
Rare Disease
Your innovative solution

Our companion software embed patient-doctor connectivity and clinical intelligence into existing therapeutics or medical devices. We rely on our ISO-certified processes, medical algorithms and clinical studies of our software to create solutions that ensure safety and efficacy for our users.

Which problem are you solving ?

People suffering from chronic diseases often find themselves lost in their treatment protocols once they leave the doctor's office. They lack a way of communicating with their health care teams and the support to take the appropriate dose of medication, manage symptoms and control side effects.

Target market segments

Pharmaceutical companies / Health care payers / Medical device manufacturers

Key value proposition

Convergence of medical and technological solutions / Results backed by clinical trials / Quality and regulatory expertise / Extensive track record

Romain Marmot
Chief Operations Officer