C. Texdev France

CTEXDEV develops Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) applications called CommunicoTool, to help non-verbal individuals to communicate.

Industry sectors  E_health

Therapeutics Area  Psychiatry/Psychology

Our innovative solution

 CommunicoTool is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application that provide language communication features including: pictures and pictograms, prerecorded voice, speech synthesis, speech/pain assessment, time management. The application is fully configurable by the end users. Our service is available in French and English in a bilingual version.

Problem  solved

CommunicoTool is an application for tablets suitable for patients with ASD, Stroke, LAS, Cerebral pulsy, with language and communication disorders. Just for ASD, The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) estimates about 1 percent of the world population (7 billion) has autism spectrum disorder, and more than 25% of them are non-verbal. 

Market segments

ASD / Stroke / LAS / Cerebral pulsy

Key value proposition

Accessibility / price / Innovation / Configurable

Frederic Guibet
CEO - Founder 

Care Labs France

Care Labs Edition, management and marketing of prepaid voucher : healthcare voucher Industry sectors E health Therapeutics Area Dental and Oral Health
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Your innovative solution


Which problem are you solving ?

The costs of healthcare become more and more disabling for the modern-day families. Because of these costs, they tend to avoid taking medical appointments. Our objective is to allow every individual to be the master of his own health capital.

Target market segments

Firms, Works Council, Mutual insurance companies, Insurances?

Key value proposition

Prepaid voucher, Online appointment setting, Intelligent health record, Directory of the healthcare professionals


Center for Human Reproduction United States

Welcome to the Center for Human Reproduction (CHR), a leading fertility center located in New York City. CHR is known as a “fertility center of last resort,” primarily serving patients who have previously failed treatments elsewhere. Among CHR’s areas of special expertise are treatments of “older” ovaries, whether due to advanced female age or premature ovarian aging (POA)immunological problems affecting reproduction, repeated pregnancy lossendometriosispolycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), tubal disease, male factor infertility, etc.

Dr Norbert Gleicher
Medical Director 

CereSpir United States

Harnessing the brain’s immune system to fight neurodegeneration.

CereSpir is leading the way with a completely novel approach to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) by reducing inflammation and increasing clearance of tissue debris in the brain as a potential first disease-modifying treatment targeting the very earliest stages of the disease.

CSP-1103, an orally delivered tablet, has undergone Phase 2 testing in people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). The Company aims to initiate Phase 3 trials in 2015. CSP-1103 is a novel, first-in-class, small molecule microglial modulator that protects neurons and other cells in the brain. CSP-1103 is a novel, first-in-class, small molecule microglial modulator that protects neurons and other cells in the brain.

Professor Daniel Chain
President & Chief Executive Officer 

Chromocell Corporation United States

Chromocell is a life sciences company which improves consumer products and patient lives through breakthrough science and technologies. Chromocell is focused on the discovery and development of therapeutics and flavors through the use of pioneering Chromovert® technology. Chromovert technology enables Chromocell to use rare cells ideally suited for effective high-throughput screening. Chromocell’s therapeutics pipeline is currently focused on analgesics and rare diseases, where Chromovert technology has proven highly effective in the rapid identification of potential new drug candidates. In our flavors and nutrition business, Chromocell works with global consumer goods companies to discover and develop flavor ingredients and natural taste enhancers. The technology is applicable to all areas of taste sensations as well as aroma and fragrance enhancer discovery.

Dr Tina Garyantes
Vice President, Therapeutics 

Citi United States

The Private Company Access team leverages Citigroup’s strength and expertise in Institutional Sales and Trading to assist emerging growth companies with their investor relations objectives.
• Institutional investors are increasingly looking for access to emerging growth companies for direct investments, as well as to better understand looming risks to the public companies they own
• Growth-oriented companies are staying private longer, but need access to capital from institutional-type sources

Jill Voon
Private Company Access 

City University of NY | Center for Advanced Technology United States

A New Era of Science at CUNY

When it opens in the fall of 2014, the Advanced Science Research Center will bring CUNY to a landmark moment in its decade-long, multi-billion-dollar commitment to becoming a national leader in visionary scientific research of vital, real-world consequence.

A decade in the planning, the first phase of the ASRC is rapidly taking shape on the south end of the City College campus in Upper Manhattan: a striking glass-encased structure that will be at the center of CUNY’s expanding universe of science and embody a bold vision of 21st Century discovery.

The construction of a $350 million building with 200,000 square feet of world-class facilities would be big news for any institution, public or private. But sophistication and scale are only part of  the ASRC story. At the center’s core will be an innovative approach to the scientific method itself, one that seeks to break down some of the walls between disparate but increasingly inter-related disciplines of applied science.

The ASRC will focus CUNY initiatives in five of the most energized areas of global research: Nanoscience. Photonics. Structural Biology. Neuroscience. Environmental Sciences.

Dr Myron Wecker
Deputy Director 

Claudia S. Plottel, MD, MSc United States

Dr Claudia S. Plottel
Clinical Associate Professor 


CLEANIS Cleanis invents and manufactures a range of medical grade bags with absorbent pad for the management of body fluids and which are clinically proven to be very effective in the containment of Healthcare-Associated Infections (H.A.I.) such as VRE or the deadly and highly prevalent Clostridium difficile. Cleanis invents and manufactures innovative hygiene medical products for the safe management of body fluids such as sanitary absorbent liners; clinically proven to be very effective in the containment of Hospital Acquired Infections (H.A.I.) Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Infectious Diseases - Vaccines
Your innovative solution

Carebag is a range of green friendly medical grade bags and liners equipped with a super absorbent pad, designed to replace or cover collection containers such as bedpan ; thus providing a safe solution for the collection, transport and disposal of body fluids whether infectious or not. Made with innovative polymers.

Which problem are you solving ?

The excretas and body fluids management. Carebag has multiple benefits: improvement of hygiene and infection control ; decrease of infection rate ; reduction of Healthcare-Associated Infections (H.A.I.) such as the deadly and highly prevalent C diff. ; substantial cost savings generated by the Reduction of nursing and PPE savings.

Target market segments

Where collection containers such as bedpans or commode pails are used: Hospital (10 to 15% of hospitalization with the support of Infection Preventionnist, especially ICU, Emergency dpt, PACU, post op, cancer treatment center 

Key value proposition

Innovation: Inventor of the product / Leader / Continuous innovation / IP


CleveXel Pharma France

CLEVEXEL Pharma invests its teams' know-how to catalyze innovative drug development projects and ensure their attractiveness on the market.

We are an integrated, one-stop-shop solution for the co-development of promising new therapeutic compounds. We partner with inventors to boost the development of their product from proof-of-concept in an animal model to proof-of-concept in human. The project is then outlicensed to a pharmaceutical company for Phase III and Market Access.

Christian BLOY
Mr Adrien Decque
Coordinateur scientifique