La Petite Noiseuse Productions United States

La Petite Noiseuse Productions merges Neuroscience and Art to create the next generation of innovative content development and products within information visualization, artificial intelligence and design.

Dr Monica Lopez
Co-Founder and Scientific & Artistic Director 

LabCentral / Cambridge BioLabs United States

abCentral supports creation of innovative startup biotechnology companies by providing a world-class environment for entrepreneurs, and a fully functional life sciences laboratory within the Kendall Square innovation hub. We are next door to MIT, Novartis and Pfizer and close to many other large and medium-sized pharma companies, funding sources and academic institutions. We plan to be the premier laboratory facility for the next generation powerhouse biotech start-up. 

LabCentral creates an open, flexible environment for start-up life sciences companies: 
-Our architecture facilitates interaction and collaboration 
-Spaces are designed to spark discussion and encourage interaction 
-Ancillary services are offered to reduce the workload for startups 

To unclog the biotech start-up pipeline, an innovation hub must provide an awesome shared-lab space with business support services to create a fertile environment in which visionaries can thrive. We hope you will agree that LabCentral is that place.


Laboratory Services, RNAi, drug development, FDA, toxicology, probiotics, contract research laboratory, cell culture, nanotechnology, drug delivery, high throughput screening, IND, NDA, BSL-2, cancer biology

Mr Thierry Leclerc
Operation Lead 

Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York United States

Our center is the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art laser and cosmetic skin surgery center in the world. Over the past 30 years they have contributed to the development and testing of many devices, fillers and treatments that are now commonly used throughout the world. 

Dr Jeremy Brauer
Physician - Dermatologist 

Launchpad Venture Group United States

Launchpad Venture Group, a Boston-based angel investment group, provides funding and advice to early-stage companies. Launchpad looks for innovative, technology-driven startup companies addressing a significant market opportunity where our investment can make a difference. We introduce entrepreneurs to potential investors through business plan presentations at monthly meetings. Launchpad Venture Group consists of individual angel investor members interested in achieving superior returns by financing privately held companies at an early stage of development.

Mr Roberto Cetrullo
Angel Investor 

Lenox Hill Hospital United States

Mr Brandon Godbout
Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine 

Life Science Nation United States

Life Science Nation (LSN) was founded by Dennis Ford, CEO, in 2012 to bring a better sales and marketing awareness to the life science community. LSN’s goal is to educate scientists in the basic skills required to brand, message, and market their companies.

Before LSN, Dennis was the CEO of a company that pioneered a system for uncovering global institutional investors and gauging their appetite regarding investing in hedge funds, private equity funds, and venture capital (VC) funds. The methodology used to capture and curate this valuable data was developed in part by a research team that would cold call and canvass these investors. The team would conduct a one-on-one interview with each investor that uncovered any current investment mandates they had. This allowed them to identify exactly where the capital was and specifically who had the mandate to deploy it.

After working with fundraisers in the alternative finance space for six years, Dennis wanted to bring his expertise to the life sciences and channel this fundraising experience toward the goal of moving science forward. Dennis knew from his experience in the alternatives field that many institutional investors and family offices were starting to withdraw capital from funds due to a decade of sub-par returns, initiating a trend of direct investment. This dovetailed with an accelerating trend of philanthropic investment and a desire among many investors to eradicate diseases affecting their family, friends or other groups that they have an affinity towards.

Identifying who has capital and is a fit for your company is the conundrum of the life science arena. The life science industry is poised at the entryway of a new golden age.  The one factor holding back the life science explosion is lack of capital. Dennis’s vision led him to believe that LSN could expedite the capital-raising problem by identifying active life science investors seeking emerging biotech and medtech companies and creating in-depth profiles that detail their specific preferences.  This would allow scientist-entrepreneurs to identify investors based on fit for their stage and sector, thus greatly enhancing the results of their outbound fundraising campaigns.

Dennis sought to create a sourcing platform for the life sciences.  He knew that he needed not only current, accurate, and actionable information on both of the constituent groups who would use the platform, but also a home for the data he had started to gather on early stage life science investors.

Mr Christopher Cummings
Business Development 
Ms Danielle Silva
V.P. of Business Development 
Mr Dennis Ford

Life Science Quest, LLC United States

Today's life science industry is changing rapidly. Adapting to ensure continued success challenges business of all sizes. Small and medium-sized biotech companies are creative, efficient, energetic, and flexible. However, they are usually challenged by limited resources in the areas of discovery and development, legal support, finance, and commercialization. These can become barriers, impeding continuous growth and greater success. Life Science Quest, with experience and resources across a broad spectrum of fields in life sciences, provides high quality, results-oriented services to help businesses overcome barriers and maximize their potential. 

Mission Statement 

Through our unique platform and high quality services, Life Science Quest promotes innovative technology, unlocks global market potential, and empowers overall business growth for bio-pharmaceutical, medical device, and other life science ventures.


Life science business advisory, Match seeker(s) and solver(s) to find solutions for the most challenging scientific or business issues of life science companies

Ms Xia Ruobing