Chromocell Corporation United States

Chromocell is a life sciences company which improves consumer products and patient lives through breakthrough science and technologies. Chromocell is focused on the discovery and development of therapeutics and flavors through the use of pioneering Chromovert® technology. Chromovert technology enables Chromocell to use rare cells ideally suited for effective high-throughput screening. Chromocell’s therapeutics pipeline is currently focused on analgesics and rare diseases, where Chromovert technology has proven highly effective in the rapid identification of potential new drug candidates. In our flavors and nutrition business, Chromocell works with global consumer goods companies to discover and develop flavor ingredients and natural taste enhancers. The technology is applicable to all areas of taste sensations as well as aroma and fragrance enhancer discovery.

Dr Tina Garyantes
Vice President, Therapeutics 

Citi United States

The Private Company Access team leverages Citigroup’s strength and expertise in Institutional Sales and Trading to assist emerging growth companies with their investor relations objectives.
• Institutional investors are increasingly looking for access to emerging growth companies for direct investments, as well as to better understand looming risks to the public companies they own
• Growth-oriented companies are staying private longer, but need access to capital from institutional-type sources

Jill Voon
Private Company Access 

City University of NY | Center for Advanced Technology United States

A New Era of Science at CUNY

When it opens in the fall of 2014, the Advanced Science Research Center will bring CUNY to a landmark moment in its decade-long, multi-billion-dollar commitment to becoming a national leader in visionary scientific research of vital, real-world consequence.

A decade in the planning, the first phase of the ASRC is rapidly taking shape on the south end of the City College campus in Upper Manhattan: a striking glass-encased structure that will be at the center of CUNY’s expanding universe of science and embody a bold vision of 21st Century discovery.

The construction of a $350 million building with 200,000 square feet of world-class facilities would be big news for any institution, public or private. But sophistication and scale are only part of  the ASRC story. At the center’s core will be an innovative approach to the scientific method itself, one that seeks to break down some of the walls between disparate but increasingly inter-related disciplines of applied science.

The ASRC will focus CUNY initiatives in five of the most energized areas of global research: Nanoscience. Photonics. Structural Biology. Neuroscience. Environmental Sciences.

Dr Myron Wecker
Deputy Director 

Claudia S. Plottel, MD, MSc United States

Dr Claudia S. Plottel
Clinical Associate Professor 

Clinilabs United States

If you’ve been looking for something different from your CRO, choose the one that stands out.

Welcome to Clinilabs, where science leads business.

Clinilabs is a premier full-service CRO that specializes in applying scientific principles to phase I, II, and III studies in order to bring investigational products to the threshold of successful approval.  Our unique development strategy builds value into early phase development programs, carrying promising products forward swiftly and abandoning failures early.  We enable our clients to apply their resources wisely and maximize the value of their drug and device portfolios.
Expect something different from your CRO – Science. Communication. Collaboration. Results. 

Mr Gary Zammit
President & CEO 

ClinSmart, LLC United States

ClinSmart is known as a trusted partner for both simple and comprehensive development programs required by biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, since 1994. Our academically and industry trained staff, combined and supported by the latest proven technologies, focuses on improving the efficiency of clinical development while minimizing risk and costs. We guarantee upfront strategic clinical planning, high quality regulatory packages including risk mitigation strategies prior to the start of any project, organizational structure which results in lower costs than a large CRO, global capabilities, and overall clinical and scientific expertise. Our experienced staff will work closely with your team to understand the requirements of your development program and will ensure that the right team is put into place to accomplish the tasks at hand.

For more information about our team and services, please visit our website ( and LinkedIn page.

Mr Eric Yhap
Director of Sales and Marketing 

Colliers International United States

Colliers International Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CIGI; TSX: CIG) is a global leader in commercial real estate services with more than 16,300 professionals operating from 502 offices in 67 countries. With an enterprising culture and significant insider ownership, Colliers professionals provide a full range of services to real estate occupiers, owners and investors worldwide across a broad range of property types, including:

  • Brokerage;
  • Global corporate solutions;
  • Investment sales and capital markets;
  • Project management and workplace solutions;
  • Property and asset management;
  • Consulting, valuation and appraisal services; and,
  • Customized research and thought leadership. 

Colliers International has been ranked among the top 100 outsourcing firms by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals' Global Outsourcing for 10 consecutive years, more than any other real estate services firm.

Jack Callahan
Life Science Advisor 


Inflammation is the mammalian response to infection. Normally it is defensive and thwarts pathogenic assaults but occasionally it runs amok, leading to physiological chaos and death. We are interested in the regulation of the inflammatory pathway as mediated by various cytokines. We focus on the regulation of interleukin-1 by the interleukin-1 receptor antagonist, determine its interactions with other cytokines and assay the cellular and molecular consequences when interleukin expression is altered. Transgenic mice and mice deleted for genes encoding these regulatory molecules have been generated and we utilize them as tools for deciphering these inflammatory pathways.

Cells use receptor mediated endocytosis to take up proteins from their environment, be it for antigen processing, polypeptide hormone signaling, nutrient supplementation, growth factor stimulation or receptor modulation. We are studying the endocytic pathway and receptor recycling using a molecular genetic analysis in the model organism, C. elegans. Our purpose is to identify new key molecular components in the pathway and to elucidate their structures and functions.

Dr David Hirsh

Columbia University Medical Center | Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Center United States


Mathew S. Maurer, MD, is medical director of The HCM Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center. A general internist and geriatric cardiologist with advanced training in heart failure and cardiac transplantation, he has received grants from the National Institute on Aging to study cardiovascular changes in older patients and specializes in the care of patients with heart failure and a preserved ejection fraction, including patients with HCM. Dr. Maurer is an associate professor of Medicine at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, where he directs the Clinical Cardiovascular Research Laboratory for the Elderly (CCRLE) at the Allen Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Maurer is a member of the Advanced Cardiac Care Center at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia.

Dr Mathew Maurer MD
Medical Director 

Consumer-Facing Businesses Food - Personal Care - OTC - Healthcare United States

Innovation | Value Creation | Top-Bottom Line Growth | Operation Efficiencies | Transformation | Strategic Growth Partners I High Performing Organizations

Accomplished leader drives results for corporate divisions ($200MM to $2BB). Exceeds target goals with focused and differentiated strategy, consumer insight-driven growth plans, operational excellence and building accountable, empowered organizations.


Relentless focus on articulating and driving clear strategic advantages within the organization: brand value proposition, customer value, cost structure. Connects with consumers/customers to understand their needs, then uses this insight to continually strengthen business strategy. The result is acceleration of top and bottom line growth, category leadership and market share.


Works across the entire value chain to quickly assess and prioritize where resources must be refocused and process improvements must be made to improve operating margins and lower capital investment needs. Applies Six Sigma principles to eliminate redundancies and potential points of confusion so that the business and brands can remain proactive in creating value and maintaining their category leadership positions.


Reaches beyond “business as usual” to create products and brand value positions that standout in the market and resonate with consumers. Continually leverages consumer insights to ensure disciplined innovation so that brands stay relevant and meaningful with consumer needs.


Advocates continuous professional development of people within organizations to create a break-through culture. This results in highly engaged work teams where ownership and risk-taking are encouraged; streamlined organization structures and decision processes. As a result the organization is more nimble and can quickly meet the changing needs of today’s dynamic and multi-cultural consumer market.

Ms Bridgette Heller