CYTOSIAL Biomedic France

CYTOSIAL Biomedic is a pre-clinical medical device startup dedicated to applying its patented chitosan-based breakthrough technology and expertise to the development of medical devices for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.


d3 Medicine United States

We work with like-minded highly innovative people to develop meaningful medicines and create impactful health care solutions.

We are:

Strategic partners in global drug development
  • - Provide comprehensive scientific, strategic, and regulatory support to plan, manage, and execute full development programs  
  • - Formulate early development, clinical pharmacology and translational medicine strategies to fast-track preclinical development to POC
  • - Improve decision making with an emphasis on quantitative analytics and use of modeling and simulation
  • - Provide a fully capable and experienced drug development team, or individual components based on client needs
Advisors in technical due diligence and business development strategy
Mr Patrick Smith, PharmD
Executive Director  

Darmiyan LLC United States

Darmiyan will offer a series of diagnostic tools aimed at early detection of complex brain diseases including neurodegenerative disorders. Darmiyan will get brain MRI data from human patients to elucidate the current condition, and which disease state the brain is progressing toward. The significance of Darmiyan’s innovation is invaluable potential to diagnose disease potential before severe symptoms develop. This novel insight originates with our technology to extract information not from the brain cells/ neurons, which exhibit abnormality only after extensive damage and cell death occurs, but from the immediate environment around them, which is called extracellular space (ECS). The ECS is often thought of as just intercellular “space,” but in reality it is the electrical and chemical pathway between all brain cells that plays an essential role in brain function and drug delivery.

Dr Padideh Kamali-Zare

DBCapital United States

Mr David Bildner
Managing Partner 

Deerfield Management United States


Investment Management


Investment, Information, Philanthropy, Healthcare

We seek to advance healthcare through investment, information and philanthropy. At Deerfield, we owe our success to our team-oriented process, which brings together many decades of experience, across all sub-sectors of healthcare, to deliver our clients with the best funding solutions possible. 

We are a non-activist, relationship-focused firm who is proud to help the companies we invest in, because we see their potential to advance healthcare and drive change in this crucial industry.

Steve Hochberg

Defined Health United States

Defined Health advises senior management at Life Sciences clients on the value of compounds  and technology platforms in development, from pre-IND to indication prioritization and sequencing,, repurposing, reformulation, and life cycle management. Our scientifically trained consultants leverage the firm's 30 years of experience with evaluations that are grounded in the science, and informed by an unparalleled understanding of current and evolving clinical practices, development and regulatory issues, competitive commercial dynamics and pricing, reimbursement and market access practices. 

In addition to our core Opportunity Assessment business, we have a large Search & Evaluation practice, wherein we identify and assess relevant opportunities for therapeutic area expansion, as well as a Strategy practice that addresses broader corporate development initiatives -- therapeutic and disease area and market entry strategies.

Our clients include 13 of the top 20 pharmacos, 6 of the top 10 large cap biotechs, and scores of specialty pharma and pre-commercial biotech companies, as well as several royalty investors and two of the top private equity firms.  We are proud to have an 80% repeat and referral client base.

Find out more about Defined Health and view our recent presentations on topical and therapeutic area specific subjects at

Ginny Llobell
Vice President 
David Lomb, PhD
Senior Consultant 


DEFYMED Defymed is a french startup that develops implantable bio-artificial medical devices for cell therapy with a first focus on type 1 diabetes Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Endocrinology
Your innovative solution

The initial product designed is a bioartificial Pancreas, named MAILPAN

Which problem are you solving ?


Target market segments

Market segment 1: type 1 diabets/ Market segment 2: liver diseases

Key value proposition

Advantage 1: functioning autonomy due to its physiologic implantation site/ Advantage 2: Entry and exit ports allowing filling/emptying of cells when needed/ Advantage 3: Big volume, which allows filling with a sufficient number of cells/ Advantage 4: flat surface allowing to maximise surface exchanges and cells survival and function 

Dr Richard BOUAOUN
Dr Richard BOUAOUN
Director of Operations 

Desmond Heath United States

Clinical Instructor 

DiamondRock Capital United States

DiamondRock, a lodging-focused MD corporation operates as a real estate investment trust (REIT), owns a portfolio of 29 premium hotels & resorts containing ~10,900 rooms, concentrated in key gateway cities and destination resorts throughout North America and the U.S.V.I. Our vision is to be the premier allocator of capital in the lodging industry and our goal is to deliver above-average shareholder returns across the full lodging cycle. We strive to differentiate ourselves from peers by executing on three strategic principles: 

- Maintaining a balanced portfolio of high-quality assets with superior growth prospects in markets that have high barriers to entry. 
- Employing disciplined and innovative approaches to asset management that drive meaningful upside to underlying performance. 
- Preserving a clean, conservative balance sheet that supports strategic and financial flexibility, dividends and shareholder returns. 

As an owner, as opposed to an operator, we receive all operating profits or losses generated by our hotels after we pay fees to the hotel managers, which are based on the revenues & profitability of the hotels. Each of our 29 hotels & resorts is managed by a third party. Most are operated under a brand owned by one of the leading global lodging companies: Marriott International, Inc.™, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.™, or Hilton Worldwide™. 

We regularly analyze all of the properties in our portfolio, as well as market conditions, to ensure that we are allocating capital to the highest return opportunities. Our ongoing capital allocation activities include renovation projects, marketing non-core assets for sale & acquisitions. Additionally, our conservative capital structure helps us achieve the optimal balance between value, risk and cost of capital. We seek to further enhance value through efficient corporate overhead, best-in-class corporate governance practices, and openness and transparency in our communications with investors.

Mr Neil Rock
Founder and Managing Partner  

E Squared Capital United States

Ms Trammy Lai
Healthcare Analyst