Bellevue Hospital Center United States

Bellevue Hospital is the oldest continuously operating hospital in America. We trace our roots back to 1736 when a six-bed infirmary opened on the second floor of the New York City Almshouse. This was just four years after the birth of George Washington and 40 years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Since its humble beginnings as a haven for the indigent, Bellevue has become a major academic medical institution of international renown. Over the centuries, we served as an incubator for major innovations in public health, medical science and medical education. Often referred to as a national treasure, Bellevue defines the very best traditions of public medicine as a public service vital to the well being of our civil society.

Ms Kate Hogerton
Associate Executive Director 

Berkley Life Sciences United States

The Life Sciences insurance experts.

Berkley Life Sciences focuses on providing quality and competitively-priced liability insurance products that help protect the futures of innovators in the Life Sciences field.

As a member company of the W. R. Berkley Corporation, we underwrite on behalf of some of the best insurance companies around, including:

  • Gemini Insurance Company
    • A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating of A+ (Superior) with a Financial Size Category XV ($2 billion or more), and an A+ (Strong) Financial Strength Rating from Standard & Poor's
  • Nautilus Insurance Company
    • A.M Best Financial Strength Rating of A+ (Superior) with a Financial Size Category X
  • StarNet Insurance Company
    • A.M Best Financial Strength Rating of A+ (Superior) with a Financial Size Category XV
  • Berkley National Insurance Company
    • A.M Best Financial Strength Rating of A+ (Superior) with a Financial Size Category XV
  • Berkley Regional Insurance Company
    • A.M Best Financial Strength Rating of A+ (Superior) with a Financial Size Category X

We also have the in-house claims management and Life Sciences experience to address claims of all types – whether made in the United States or internationally. Quality control measures designed specifically for the Life Sciences field by our experts are integrated into the claims process to ensure compliance with best practices.

Where necessary, we also have access to a worldwide network of Life Sciences professionals. This combination of in-house expertise and available outside resources enables us to formulate an effective strategy – whether it involves settlement or defending a case to conclusion.

Mr John Morel
Vice President, Strategic Business Development 

Bernstein Private Wealth Management United States

Bernstein was founded more than four decades ago to manage money for families and individuals. Our focus has never changed, although our client base has expanded to include institutions, and the services, tools, and resources we offer have evolved with our insights into markets and clients’ needs.

We’re exclusively focused on investment research and management; we don’t engage in investment banking and proprietary trading, so we don’t face the conflicts of interest such businesses pose for other firms. And, as a legal fiduciary, we take up the highest legal bar to ensure that our clients’ interests come first and foremost.

For many clients, we deliver a uniquely integrated approach to managing all or most of their liquid assets. For others, we deliver more targeted services. But in either case, our clients receive the benefit of our firm’s global scope, deep research resources and planning expertise that few other firms can match.

When you entrust Bernstein to serve as your investment manager, you become part of a proud tradition of integrity, trust and financial success.

Peter Maroney
Vice President 
National Managing Director 

Bertin Pharma France

BERTIN PHARMA Bertin Pharma, a specialty CRO offering DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS solutions from NCE to OTC in a life cycle management oriented mind Industry sectors BioPharma Therapeutics Area Cardiology / Vascular Diseases
Dental and Oral Health
Gastroenterology / Hepatology
Infectious Diseases - Vaccines
Obstetrics/Gynecology (Women's Health)
Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat)
Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases
Rare Disease

Your innovative solution

Bertin Pharma recently integrates one of the most outstanding GMP facilities in Europe specifically dedicated to the Pharmaceutical development of OTC. A large panel of original Drug Delivery Systems particularly suitable to fit the OTC needs with optimized sensorial attributes are available. Among them Dualtab

Which problem are you solving ?


Target market segments

Ethics (NCEs & Biologics), OTC, Generic plus 

Key value proposition

Quick local symptoms relief Dual action quick and long lasting Product design makes dual action visible for patients Robust manufacturing process and low industrial cost price

Luc Grislain


Bio-Modeling Systems is the world’s first Mechanisms-Based medicine company that changed the discovery paradigm to create novel medical meanings from unreliable heterogeneous sources of data to generate validated & directly exploitable first in class heuristic non-mathematical mechanistic CADI™* models

Created in 2004, profitable since 2006, thanks to our recurrent clients, we confirmed with our partners CADI™ Discovery capability to generate outstanding value through:

·         Dual business model: Contractual or Collaborative R&D programs.

·         External valorization of our collaborative R&D programs through out-licensing or spin-off.

·         Outstanding internal pipeline of programs ready for collaborations, and

·         Already a world's first in neurodegenerative diseases, 1 therapeutic spin-off, 1 exclusive out-license, 4 issued patents, 10 publications (for all details, visit BMSystems website).

We propose to Research, Discovery, Development people, considering that 90-95% failure rate is unacceptable but not a fatality, robust alternative solutions for their critical issues and decisions to make. 

You have a question; we may have the ability to generate the answer through one of our 6 BMSystems’ solutions to critical & high impact issues.

1.       GO-NO GO decision before product acquisition or for portfolio risk analysis.

2.       GO-NO GO decision before next development phase.

3.       R&D program Rescue for a program facing critical issues during its lifetime.

4.       External R&D “B plan” program when the “A plan” cannot be rescued.

5.       Exploratory Discovery program to generate novel causal mechanisms concepts.

6.       Novel Hypotheses for therapeutic and/or diagnostic solutions generation.


We warmly invite you to download our  7 pages management summary,  our Short corporate Presentation or our Full Presentation with all non-confidential details of our 10 POCs.


"Correct understanding of life mechanisms makes novel integrated diagnostics, therapies & preventive solutions discovery smarter, faster & cheaper for healthcare, diagnostic, health technologies, nutrition, and cosmetics!" 

Co-founder & CEO 

BioAuxilium Research Canada

Assay development is a complex process than can rapidly become a bottleneck in both basic research and drug discovery laboratories. BioAuxilium Research provides customized services in biochemical, cell-based and biomarker assay development across a number of therapeutic areas using various high-throughput technology platforms. BioAuxilium also offers preclinical sample testing services using no-wash immunoassay technologies. 

Regardless of the scope of your project, we can design and develop a robust, sensitive and reproducible assay that will meet your requirements and expectations.


Custom assay development, Biomarker detection and quantification, Biochemical and cell-based assays, Immunogenicity testing, Expert consulting, Preclinical sample testing (ligand binding assays), ELISA conversion to no-wash immunoassays

Dr Jaime Padros

BioBAT United States

Formally known as The State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn—but better known to our patients and Brooklyn neighbors as SUNY Downstate Medical Center—we are older than the Brooklyn Bridge. 

We trace our roots back to 1860, when a school of medicine was founded at the Long Island College Hospital. The new college’s faculty revolutionized medical education in this country by bringing the teaching of medicine to the hospital bedside, thus rejecting the idea that physicians should be trained exclusively in university lecture halls. 

Today, SUNY Downstate is one of the nation’s leading urban medical centers. SUNY Downstate comprises a College of Medicine, College of Health Related Professions, College of Nursing, School of Graduate Studies, School of Public Health, and University Hospital of Brooklyn.

Mr Kathleen Otto
Executive Director 


Mr Thomas Marchand


Jean Hennequin

BioPharm Insight United States

BioPharm Insight is your definitive guide to the healthcare community, combining an online business intelligence system of comprehensive market analytics and key industry contacts with an independent investigative journalism news service to give you an information edge. 

BioPharm Insight an acclaimed independent journalist team with a proven track record of breaking forward-looking and competitive business intelligence 6-12 months ahead of mainstream press. Based in our news bureaus in New York and London, our reporters conduct in-depth interviews with subject matter experts to ensure subscribers take action on reliable global intelligence.


investigative journalism, market analytics, business intelligence, decision makers, market moving

Mr Amit Jolly
Healthcrae Analyst