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Graftys Graftys specializes in bone tissue engineering; we design, manufacture and sell innovative synthetic calcium phosphate bone graft substitutes. Industry sectors Biotech Therapeutics Area Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Your innovative solution

1) Developement of patented injectable resorbable biomaterials which harden in situ, allowing minimally invasive surgery and are quickly resorbed by the cellular activity and replaced by natural bone. 2) Design and development of combinaison devices utilizing synthetic bone substitute materials and therapeutic agents as well as autologous tissue which will address such clinical challenges as prevention of osteoporotic fractures, prevention of infection and enhanced bone ingrowth

Which problem are you solving ?

1) Bone defect filling via MIS techniques for younger patients; 2) "Super-Fast" resorption and remodeling to boost bone reconstruction for non union management; 3) Local treatment or prevention of osteoporotic patient ; 4) management of bone Infection by our innovative calcium phosphate cement combined with antibiotic (exposed trauma, military application...)

Target market segments

1) Orthopaedic: Trauma and Reconstruction; 2) Spine Surgery; 3)Dentistry

Key value proposition

1) Patented technology which provides unique soluctions to address key clinical needs; 2) Proprietary pipeline of innovative bone tissue engineering solutions; 3) Fully integrated organization and facilities which include R&D, manufacturing, regulatory, sales and marketing; 4) Strong relationships with leading global orthopedic companies; 5) years of very successful sales and clinical experience in 23 countries of the world

Emilie Ostaszuk
Marketing Manager 

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Gray Box Biology LLC is a Scientific Consultants business in 11354 Flushing, New York 

Dr Larry Leung
Chief Operating Officer