Pfizer United States

Novel target discovery. 
•Biotherapeutic (Immunotherapy & ADC) early discovery.
•Biotherapeutic (Immunotherapy & ADC) design and development.
•Duties with Pfizer External R&D Innovation & Scouting for novel technologies in therapeutics, diagnostics & medical devices: 
(Screen & evaluate early/mid stage (inter)national biotech/pharma technologies that 
align with Pfizer’s R&D interest/vision & aid with triaging and funding of such technologies toward
corporate strategic partnerships). 
•NYC Bio-entrepreneurship mentor for early stage life science ventures through Pfizer Business 
Development and the New York Economic Development Council (ELabNYC, British Consulate, Columbia University).
•Adjunct Faculty member for National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corps: 
The NYC Regional Innovation Node (NYCRIN): Bioentrepreneurship ventures.

Anton Xavier
Senior Scientist / Scout 

Pharma Research International, Inc United States

A clinical research provider that conducts clinical research for pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies as well as government sponsored trials. We also facilitate training programs for clinical research practitioners and site preparation for studies.

We also aim to help clinical research facilities and professionals conduct clinical trials following GCP/ICH. By doing so we believe will be beneficial to pharmaceutical companies as it would allow for clinical trials to run smoother and more efficiently. It will also help subjects get quality service during the clinical studies.

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Emilio Munoz

Pharmagest France

Pharmagest Pharmagest is the technology subsidiary of Welcoop Group, Involved in pharmacies software (since 30 years) , e-health, connected objects for heath Industry sectors E_health Therapeutics Area Cardiology / Vascular Diseases
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Rare Disease
Your innovative solution

Remote surveillance system that improves the medical monitoring of patients treated by Peritoneal Dialysis and monitoring of the health of haemodialysis patients in self-dialysis structures.

Which problem are you solving ?

Slow the progression to terminal Chronic Renal Insufficiency (CRI). Decrease the cardiovascular morbi-mortality.Helps management and evaluation .Better control over patient at lower cost Estimated annual savings of $10,000 per patient. Assistance with billing; more effective thanks to the control panels. Less hospitalisation.

Target market segments

E health / Care / Medical Devices

Key value proposition

Selected as part of the Second e-Health call for projects under the French Government / expert systems / results

E-Healt Director 

Poliwogg United States

We build financial products so you can participate in the healthcare and life science economy. Companies, investors, consumers and entrepreneurs will have access to financial products to create and/or manage their financial exposure to healthcare and the life science sector.

Poliwogg's management team has extensive experience in finance, healthcare, foundations, government and investing. It combines that expertise with a passion for increasing and broadening investment in healthcare, the largest sector of the American economy.

Mr Gregory Simon


PORSOLT Contract Research in Preclinical Pharmacology Industry sectors Other: CRO Therapeutics Area Cardiology / Vascular Diseases
Gastroenterology / Hepatology
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Obstetrics/Gynecology (Women's Health)
Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases
Your innovative solution

Porsolt, a long established, AAALAC accredited and fully GLP compliant, preclinical CRO, has been providing efficacy evaluation and safety pharmacology services for over 30 years, covering the drug development process from early screening thru regulatory submission.

Which problem are you solving ?

Porsolt provides physiopathological models in multiples species, customized procedures, and tailored solutions, (including in vitro assays and drug formulation analysis and bioanalytical services), for psychiatric and neurological disorders, pain, cardiac and vascular diseases, metabolic and eating disorders, and dermatology.

Target market segments

Pharmaceutical companies / Biotechs / Fondations / Academia

Key value proposition

Science-based / GLP compliance / tailored solutions / flexibility

Guillaume FROGET
Chief Executive Officer & President 

PPRS Research France

PPRS Research PPRS, the Strategic Partnering Organisation is specialised in the development of innovative projects with diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in the neuroscience and orphan diseases fields Industry sectors BioPharma Therapeutics Area CNS-Neurology
Rare Disease
Your innovative solution

Somno-Art is an ambulatory monitoring device allowing the scoring of the user's sleep internal structure with results equivalent to those obtained from the complex polysomnography (PSG). Based on the recordings of two basic and easy-to-measure physiological variables, heart rate and body movements, our in-house software produces a full description of the sleep architecture

Which problem are you solving ?

Around 20% of the overall population suffers from chronic sleep disorders resulting in tens of billion dollars of productivity losses with serious repercussions on the overall health of people (blood pressure, obesity, chronic fatigue...). Somno-Art will allow easier and faster sleep diagnostics compared to traditional sleep monitoring devices.

Target market segments

Research market / Sleep labs market / Medical market

Key value proposition

Medical results / Automatic scoring / Ambulatory / Easy-to-use


Precision for Medicine United States

At Precision for Medicine, we specialize in accelerating the development, approval and launch of complex or first-in-class medical technologies.  We work regularly with medical device, diagnostics and life sciences companies as well as with investors in this space.  We have expert teams in each of regulatory affairs, biostatistics and analytics, clinical trial services, commercial strategy and market access/reimbursement.  Our experts work within and across these verticals to develop the latest techniques for product success.  

Core services include:

To-Market Strategy, a collaborative effort to manage risk and maximize opportunity at each stage of product development 

Due Diligence and Opportunity Assessments, to inform potential investments or new areas of product development

Regulatory Strategy and Support, including U.S. FDA, E.U. and global regulatory stratgies, negotitations and submissions

Evidence Development Strategy, including advanced non-clinical and clinical trial designs, statistical analysis plans, and literature-based approaches

Clinical Trial Services, from study start through conclusion and reporting

KOL Recruitment and management of key clinical advisors (CABs, SABs, KOLs, expert panels and reports, study investigators, etc.)

Market Access Services, including payer communications, reimbursement strategy, and health economics

Personalized Medicine Strategies, including responder analyses, companion diagnostics and biomarker identification 

Digital Medicine Strategy, including software-based products and accessory apps

Business Strategy, including business model ideation, market research, due diligence and fundraising support

Mr Austin Speier
Director, Emerging Technologies 

Premier Heart, LLC United States

oronary Artery Disease (CAD) is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for over 7 Million deaths annually — more than any other disease category.

Premier Heart's Multifunction Cardiogram is the only non-invasive online diagnostic testing tool designed to assist physicians in quickly and accurately detecting heart diseases, including CAD ischemia.
When compared to traditional methods MCG has consistently been able to more accurately detect ischemia at earlier stages, enabling physicians to intervene and save lives.

The results from MCG have been validated in double-blind clinical studies where our system has demonstrated accuracy comparable to coronary angiography (90% overall sensitivity, 85% specificity).
This level of accuracy results from advanced techniques in signal processing and systems analysis combined with our unmatched clinical database which allows MCG to provide quantitative, evidence-based results to assist in reaching a diagnosis.

We invite you to review our clinical trial resultsuser endorsements and technical data. If you want to learn more about using MCG in your practice or would like more information about our technology please feel free to contact us.

Dr Joseph Shen

Proception Medical United States

Proception in-licenses Medtech IP, improves the IP, develops the products, gains regulatory approval, gains clinical experience and then out-licenses the product to a large medical device company using a unique out-licensing model.

Mr Mike McGuinness

Protecsom France


ProtecSom designs smart respiratory drug delivery devices to improve pulmonary drug distribution and patients life.

Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Pediatrics/Neonatology
Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases
Your innovative solution

Optim'Hal provides real-time information on the drug dose inhaled from a metered dose inhaler with a spacer device. It sends this information to any computer, smartphone or tablet and also converts it as light and sound signals to encourage drug taking among toddlers.

Which problem are you solving ?

Compliance is a major problem with asthma sufferers. Thanks to incentive provided to patients, children and parents, Optim'Hal improves compliance. The inhaled dose and speed of the inspiratory flow are critical to the reliability of the inhaled treatment. Thanks to information about these settings, Optim'Hal' makes the treatment more reliable.

Target market segments

Asthma and COPD sufferers. /Any inhaled treatment. /Research centers about aerosoltherapy.

Key value proposition

Better compliance, thanks to incentive signals or applications depending on the age / Better surveillance, thanks to true data on patient compliance available for caregivers / Improving pulmonary drug distribution thanks to information on inspiratory flow

Mr Thierry POREE
Mr Thierry POREE