Provid Pharmaceuticals United States

Company Overview

Provid Pharmaceuticals Inc. was founded to discover novel therapeutics for autoimmune diseases using peptide mimetics technology.   Provid’s strategy has resulted in the discovery of PV-267, a small molecule drug candidate for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) and leads for rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases that operate by blocking disease-associated MHC class II molecules.

Provid’s MS drug candidate, PV-267 uniquely inhibits the MHC Class II molecule HLA-DR2b, the most important gene target in the autoimmune disease process in MS.  MS is genetically linked with HLA-DR2b (DRB1*1501).  DR2b is carried by a majority of MS patients (ca. 700,000 worldwide) and binds and presents antigenic myelin fragments to autoreactive T cells, triggering the autoimmune response that damages myelin insulation on nerves, leading to MS disease symptoms and disability.  Provid designed PV-267 to bind tightly and selectively to DR2b, blocking antigen binding.  PV-267 has been shown to disrupt the autoimmune process in MS animal models and in human cells from DR2+ patients.  Because PV-267 does not compromise other aspects of the immune system, its potential for superior safety is a major advantage over current disease-modifying drugs.

Recent data have shown that PV-267 has high oral bioavailability in a proprietary formulation being developed in collaboration with Enteris Biopharma.  Oral efficacy, while not essential to test the concept of the DR2 inhibitory mechanism, is an important factor commercially and for the MS patient.

Early Clinical Trial Concept.  Because of its DR2b antagonist mechanism, it is feasible to assess immunological efficacy in DR2b+ individuals in early clinical trials, greatly reducing the clinical development risk and clearing the path for a targeted phase II efficacy trial.  These studies are being planned by our Clinical Advisory Board under the leadership of Prof. Larry Steinman at Stanford. 

Development Plan. Provid will pursue preclinical and early clinical studies of our DR2b inhibitors and is seeking partnerships with pharma company partners.

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Dr Gary Olson, PhD
President & CEO 

PTM Biolab United States

Who We Are:

The mission of PTM Biolabs is to address the unmet needs for life sciences and personalized medicine, by the creation and supply of innovative technologies in the fields of biological reagents, proteomics, and diagnostics.

What We Do:

Founded in 2010, PTM Biolabs has become the leading powerhouse for the following technologies:

  • High-quality antibodies targeting specific PTM pathways and epigenetic code;
  • High-sensitivity proteomic services for biopharmaceutical research and development.

Our products and services have been profoundly expediting the understanding in the fields of protein post translational modifications (PTMs), epigenetics, drug target screening and biomarker discovery.

Together, we empower the future by epigenetics and proteomics!

Our Core Values: Science:

We are an organization founded by scientists, built on solid science and driven by continuous innovation. Our keen devotion to scientific discoveries is demonstrated by rich history of publications in renowned scientific journals.


We lay the corporation corner stone on technological advancements. Ever since our inception, disruptive technologies have been developed from our bench, delivered to scientists and engineers worldwide, and kept benefiting the research activities, both academia and industry.


We strive for continuous quality improvement in all that we do, how we do it, and what we deliver! We have built a tracking record in service excellence and product quality, which showcases the respectful recognization by customers, employees and the community.


We practice the highest ethical standards and honor our commitments. We take profound responsibility for each and every step of our actions, and treat everyone fairly with trust and respect.

Customer Satisfaction:

Satisfied customers are essential to our success. We achieve total customer satisfaction by listening to your specific needs, addressing the issues with our expertise and finally delivering the results toward your success.

A Diverse and Involved Team:

We value the skills, strengths, and perspectives of our diverse team. We foster a workplace that enables people to get involved in making decisions about their work that advance our common objectives.

Good Corporate Citizenship:

We provide a safe workplace and protect the environment. We promote the health and well-being of people and their families. We work with our communities by volunteering and supporting worthy causes.

Mr Laura Sailor
Chief Strategy Officer 

PTM Biolab United States

Laura Sailor
Chief strategy officer