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SOFRIGAM Sofrigam is a cold chain packaging manufacturer for heat-sensitive medicines transportation Industry sectors Cold Chain Packaging Therapeutics Area Infectious Diseases - Vaccines
Rare Disease
Your innovative solution

- I-boxe: High-Tech Packaging for very High-value product transportation. A semi-active and smart box protected by two patents and created by a NASA engineer. - Igloo pouche: product for patient transportation drugs. A 2nd version is in the pipeline which would improve the easy and ready to use aspect

Which problem are you solving ?

Sofrigam devises solutions to match the specific demands and requirements of laboratories, biotech, and the need to maintain heat-sensitive products at constant temperatures during transportation. Each year over $1Billion of drugs is fully secured thanks to its insulated solutions. Sofrigam supports companies to achieve their Total Cost of Ownership objectives.

Target market segments

Market segment 1: Biotech Market segment 2: Pharmaceuticals Diagnostics, vaccines and devices Market segment 3: Third-Party Logistics provider Market segment 4: High-value T

Key value proposition

Advantage 1: TCO Mindset Advantage 2: Flexibility Advantage 3: Experience Advantage 4: Time-to-Market

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SOFTWAY MEDICAL  We deliver a field-proven software along with tailored services to help care providers improve Quality of care and Patient safety. Industry sectors E_health Therapeutics Area Cardiology / Vascular Diseases
Obstetrics/Gynecology (Women's Health)
Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases
Your innovative solution

Hospital Manager is a cloud-based and integrated Hospital Information System. Designed on a single patient-centered database and a multi-tenant architecture, our solution has been designed since its inception to facilitate the coordination of multidisciplinary care providers within the patient's health continuum. Hundreds of institutions have chosen our solution for the richness of its features and the power of its technologies.

Which problem are you solving ?

Challenges facing the healthcare industry today are not only to improve patient care and safety but also to optimize healthcare costs. Many hospitals struggle with out-dated, silo-designed and not inter-connected systems. Care teams waste time hunting for missing information. More and more institutions are merging to increase their operational and financial efficiencies.

Target market segments

Market segment 1: Hospitals Market segment 2: Imaging centres

Key value proposition

Advantage 1: our solution allows developing teamwork around the patient. Designed for a variety of users (physicians, pharmacists, nurses, allied, administrative, etc.), the care team members share reliable patient information for a better outcome. Advantage 2: the technology and the conception of the solution allow an industrial cloud-based delivery. The hospitals can have an affordable 365/7/24 services, and since the solution is highly configurable, it can be implemented to all-size hospitals from 50 to thousands of beds. Advantage 3: with hundreds of installations, our solution can meet a large panel of clinical specialties requirements: acute care, surgery, emergency, oncology, rehabilitation, mental health, elderly care, etc.). The modularity of the solution allows a progressive implementation. Advantage 4: we have developed with our clients and partners a field-proven implementation model based on a collaborative methodology. Our key success drivers are not only a powerful HIS platform, but also a large kn

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SR ONE United States

SR One is the corporate venture capital arm of GlaxoSmithKline. The firm invests globally in emerging life science companies that are pursuing innovative science which will significantly impact medical care. We have a team of investment professionals, located in the US and UK. As a Team, our experience spans basic science, industry and the market. We take an active role in our portfolio companies and work with management teams and our fellow venture investors to create significant value. Our current portfolio includes approximately 35 private and public companies and since our founding in 1985, we have invested over $830MM in the biotech space. Our expanded remit also focuses on maximizing the value of GSK technological innovation to establish new businesses and revenue opportunities across a range of industries.

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Stage1 United States

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Stematix, Inc United States

What makes Regenevita Biocellular Regenerative Medical Treatments unique?

Regenevita is a WORLD LEADER in use of your own cells, coupled with important natural chemicals stored within our platelets, to be safely and effectively used to improve and enhance our body’s ability to repair damaged or aging tissues. With more than 20 years experience with Biocellular Regenerative Treatments in medical-surgical practice, we offer treatments which can greatly improve your ability to maintain and restore normal activities or appearance. Just the term “biocellular” says it all. We use your own platelets and cells from within your own fat tissue to enhance your ability to enjoy pain-free function and activities.

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Stryker Corporation United States

In 2014 we continued to build on our legacy of above market performance by strengthening our leadership in Orthopaedics, Medical and Surgical (MedSurg) and Neurotechnology & Spine. We delivered solid growth and financial results, completed a number of acquisitions, opened a new European Regional Headquarters (RHQ) and articulated our unique culture through a new mission statement and core values.

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Sugish International LTD Nigeria

Procurement and Logistics experts.

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SUNY Downstate United States

Formally known as The State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn—but better known to our patients and Brooklyn neighbors as SUNY Downstate Medical Center—we are older than the Brooklyn Bridge. We trace our roots back to 1860, when a school of medicine was founded at the Long Island College Hospital. The new college’s faculty revolutionized medical education in this country by bringing the teaching of medicine to the hospital bedside, thus rejecting the idea that physicians should be trained exclusively in university lecture halls.

Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine
Dr. Robert Furchgott

Today, SUNY Downstate is one of the nation’s leading urban medical centers. SUNY Downstate comprises a College of MedicineCollege of Health Related ProfessionsCollege of NursingSchool of Graduate StudiesSchool of Public Health, and University Hospital of Brooklyn.

The quality of our education, research, and patient care programs was confirmed with the awarding of theNobel Prize in Medicine to Dr. Robert Furchgott, a member of our School of Graduate Studies faculty since 1956. Dr. Furchgott’s identification of nitric oxide as a signalling molecule important in vascular health has revolutionized care for heart, stroke, impotence, and other diseases.

As the only academic medical center in Brooklyn, we serve a large population–over 2.3 million people–and one that is among the most diverse in the world. We are also an engine of opportunity for students interested in pursuing careers in health care. Many of our students are the first in their families to attend college.

More physicians who practice medicine in New York City received their training at our College of Medicine than any other medical center in the country. Nationally, our medical school ranks seventh in the number of graduates who are now engaged in academic medicine. Here in Brooklyn, our impact is even greater. We have trained nearly half of all doctors practicing in a number of specialty areas.

Our College of Health Related Professions and College of Nursing also play a unique role in the borough and the city. We have the oldest midwifery program in the country, and we recently made history again by establishing a joint program between the two colleges that trains midwives who are not nurses. The College of Nursing is particularly proud of its role in educating minority students. Approximately three-fourths of the students are minority-group members, and many are recent immigrants.

University Hospital of Brooklyn is the borough’s only hospital located at an academic medical center. As such, it offers the most advanced and comprehensive care in Brooklyn. Many of its physicians are regularly rated among the best in New York City. Some are known throughout the world.

SUNY Downstate Medical Center enters the new century with a renewed dedication to serving the people of Brooklyn through its three-fold mission of education, research, and patient care.

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Synaerion Therapeutics, Inc. United States

Synaerion is committed to deliver tangible and decisive therapeutic interventions to patients with incurable neurologic disorders. Our technology leverages the therapeutic potential of a dual-target technology based on the disease-modifying potential of a key signal transduction brain factor. We are developing a new class of small molecules for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders, initially amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS aka Lou Gehrig Disease) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), expanding to Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis (MS). Therapeutic options for ALS and TBI patients are inadequate with only Rilutek® approved for ALS and none for TBI. Regenerative therapy (stem cell or mesenchymal cell transplants) is a promising new approach though still concerning for its "uncontrolled" mid/long-term safety. Synaerion's technology has the (upstream) benefit of a cell therapy with manageable long-term safety, combined with the ALS/TBI pathogenic target (downstream) effects. Synaerion's is the first and only disease-modifying dual-target technology tested in symptomatic ALS/TBI animals. We are developing two lead compounds for ALS and TBI, leveraging a rich pipeline for development in other therapeutic areas and a discovery research platform for novel NCEs.

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