The New York Stem Cell Foundation United States

The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate stem cell research to cure the major diseases of our time. Our programs are focused in three areas: 

• Directing critical, advanced stem cell research in its own laboratory and also supports advanced work in other leading institutions. 

• Developing the next generation of top stem cell scientists by training and supporting an elite group of post-doctoral research fellows. 

• Convening the preeminent annual translation stem cell research conference and an on-going series of programs for scientists, policymakers and the public.


Medical Research, Events, Research Funding

Ms Susan L. Solomon

The Rare Genomics Institute United States

Rare Genomics Institute empowers patient communities to accelerate research by helping fund and create personalized research projects based on individuals with rare diseases. Their first initiative is to sequence the genomes of these patients. To do this, they provide three innovative services. First, a micro-funding website: an online fundraising platform and social network that helps patient communities raise funds. Second, a researcher network: access to top genomics researchers who are willing to sequence and analyze these patients. Third, a clinical network: connecting patients with clinicians and genetic counselors who will help interpret and translate the individualized research findings.


Genomics, Rare Diseases, Next-Generation Sequencing, Crowdfunding

Bill OBrien

The Solution Lab United States

Affordable management consulting services to startups and larger orgs in life sciences and healthcare. Team based model powered by students and recent grads in STEM, healthcare/clinical, and business backgrounds who are interested in gaining high-intensity professional development opportunities in team based environments.

Stefanie Mazlish

The Triana Group, Inc. United States

The Triana Group is a technology business development company based in the Wall Street area of Manhattan. We specialize in introducing new technologies to strategic partners and setting up go-to-market strategies such as collaborations, joint-ventures, and pitches to key accounts. We are currently advisers to, and part of the executive teams of several projects in the healthcare space, and occasionally consider joining as partners or shareholders. We have direct access to a number of hospitals, ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations), Insurers, as well as nationwide hospital GPOs totaling hundreds of billions of purchasing power (Grouped Purchasing Organizations). 

Dr Jabril Bensedrine
Managing Director 

Torreya Insights United States

Torreya Insights is a professional and data services company that integrates advice, transaction preparation and database analysis for life science companies. We primarily service business development and financing professionals in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. 

We are a sister company to Torreya Partners, a leading life sciences boutique M&A and financial advisory firm based in New York, which since its inception in 2007 has completed over 100 transactions in life sciences ( We work closely with Torreya Partners to seamlessly integrate the services that we provide to our clients. 

Our engagements usually center around assisting companies in business development transactions, including capital raise, valuation, as well as locating suitable assets for acquisition or potential partners for further asset development. 

We also provide access to AvaRx (which soft launched in January 2014) is a searchable dynamic database of over 2,000 licensing opportunities. 

Follow us at @TorreyaInsights for updates.


Licensing / M&A Opportunity Identification, Research and Data Services, AvaRx – Licensing Opportunity Database, BioPharma CRM & Contact Solutions, Licensing Dynamics, Financing Dynamics

John Cullity

Triacys France

  TRIACYS is  a software solutions provider aiming to improve clinical evaluation process and to help collection of data whenever trial subjects are using studied treatments at home.

 Since 2011, TRIACYS offers to its clients and partners a global and collaborative solution for the remote monitoring of subjects when included in home-based clinical trials.

 The offer includes the software customization to collect the data that you want for your trial and the leasing of tactile tablets for each of the subject included in your study. Data collected are accessible in real time on a study dedicated website throughout the study. After study end, TRIACYS provides the sponsor with a comprehensive report on all data collected.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to discussing with you !

US Business Development Manager 

Triad Strategic Services Inc United States

We are industry leaders in strategy and solutions

Chart the Course

Triad knows you are looking to collect as much information as you can about your competitors.  One of our favorite Sun Tzu quotes is “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”  This is particularly fitting for competitive intelligence.  In order to be as strategic as possible, we encourage our clients to take stock of their own potential. We then work with them to figure out what questions we really need to answer about their competition, to make a difference in their future planning.  When you ask a question, you should know what you will do with the answer.

Light the Way

Triad views our process as highly interactive. We want to communicate with you throughout the project, so that as intelligence is gathered, it can be processed and redirected. Key Intelligence Topics get revisited regularly to make sure we are asking the best questions to the most knowledgeable sources.

Make it happen

With a well-designed research plan, a diverse contact list, and highly skilled analysts, Triad will confidently present you with the most insightful intelligence attainable. Since the process includes mapping out your strategy early on, our reports can deliver concise and actionable findings to help you and your team put your brand on the right path forward.

Ms Catherine Alexis
Vice President & Director of Research 

Trillium Medical LLC United States

Trillium Medical Center is a South Florida based medical facility specializing in Internal Medicine.  The center has facilities to diagnose and treat Internal Medical problems.  By providing our patients with state of the art Preventative, Acute, and Chronic treatment options we are able to help patients lose weight safely, maintain healthy diet regimens and life styles, and ensure their health conditions are monitored on a regular basis. 

By extending our capabilities to provide 24 hour/365 Day access to patient's health records, each patient can gain access to their important and vital medical information no matter where they travel or which physician they visit, even if it is not at our center.  

We also offer a variety of "In House" tertiary services including an in house Med Spa complete with Esthetic services including Botox, Juvederm, Microdermabrasion and other wellness treatments like Weight Management and Nutrition training.

Mr Lynne Parker
Managing Partner 

Trillium Medical Ventures United States

Trillium Medical Ventures LLC, a bio science technology assessment firm founded in 1998, evaluates life science intellectual property and technology with the objective of identifying unique and valuable life science investment and product development opportunities. Trillium has extensive experience in the identification and analysis of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical intellectual-property licensing opportunities at all stages of the drug-development cycle, from basic research to regional and worldwide clinical development. The Team is made up of pharmaceutically-trained life science professionals with decades of industry experience encompassing drug discovery and product development, life sciences start-up investing and intellectual property evaluation. The Trillium Team’s experience in life sciences truly spans from the “research bench to the pharmacy shelf” and allows us to provide expert services.

Dr Guadalupe Cipres
Business Development