Mr Jean-Marc Juteau Canada

The Biotech City is a biopharmaceutical and life sciences cluster in Greater Montreal, located near an international airport and subway network. The life sciences sector in Laval is comprised of more than 90 companies and institutions, many of which are leaders in Canada’s science economy and which employ some 5,000 people within a four-kilometre radius. The hub is made up of companies specializing in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, CROs and information technology. The Biotech City is also home to an integrated life sciences technology park built around two research institutes, a business incubator, laboratory facilities and development lots.

The Biotech City helps drive the life sciences industry

• Promotes networking among businesses, investors, research institutes and government agencies

• Organizes and participates in biopharmaceutical sector events

• Represents the life sciences sector on a local and international level

The Biotech City will support you in your implementation project

• Assistance in finding lots, sites and facilities

• Guidance and support through all administrative steps

• International mobility expertise

Biotech City

Dr Jaime Padros Canada

Assay development is a complex process than can rapidly become a bottleneck in both basic research and drug discovery laboratories. BioAuxilium Research provides customized services in biochemical, cell-based and biomarker assay development across a number of therapeutic areas using various high-throughput technology platforms. BioAuxilium also offers preclinical sample testing services using no-wash immunoassay technologies. 

Regardless of the scope of your project, we can design and develop a robust, sensitive and reproducible assay that will meet your requirements and expectations.


Custom assay development, Biomarker detection and quantification, Biochemical and cell-based assays, Immunogenicity testing, Expert consulting, Preclinical sample testing (ligand binding assays), ELISA conversion to no-wash immunoassays

BioAuxilium Research

Miss Zoe ZHANG Canada

BD Director