Mr Richard Gabriel United States

GLG Pharma has been selected for the National Cancer Institute's Prevent Cancer development program. Click here for the most recent news. 

Cancer is a very complicated disease and no two cell cancers are similar but some generalizations of how this terrible disease progresses has been extensively studied and researched. This simple cartoon is meant to show just one pathway used by cancer cells to exploit the body's natural defensive mechanisms and reach a state of perptual immortality, allowing the cancer cells to grow, regardless of the consequences to the overall health of the host patient.

GLG Pharma
COO and Co-Founder 

Dr Jose Galarza United States

TechnoVax is a privately held near-clinical-stage biotechnology company based in Tarrytown, NY specializing in viral vaccine development. Our mission is to create and advance towards the market safe, unique and novel vaccine technologies with no current alternatives that will revolutionize the way vaccines are developed, distributed and administered. 

TechnoVax has developed a next-generation technology-platform based on Virus-Like Particles (VLP) that greatly enhances and facilitates the development and production of a limitless range of vaccines targeting the prevention of respiratory diseases as well as hemorrhagic fevers, immunodeficiency and cancers. The industry strongly believes that VLP based vaccines is the technology of the future! 

Our vaccines pipeline has been rapidly approaching the clinical phases with 3 main candidates: 
- A Universal flu vaccine that will eliminate the need for annual flu vaccination and will protect faster and better against future pandemic strains; 
- An Inhaled Powder flu vaccine that eliminates the need for cold chain storage and distribution and could be self-administered: a greatly needed solution for the developing world; 
- An RSV vaccine to protect against one of the leading causes of infant and elderly hospitalizations and often results in fatalities with the elderly. 

We have received over $5.0 million in non-dilutive funding. We are actively pursuing strategic partnerships and are seeking funding to start human testing.


Dr Rui Galvao United States

Founded in 1999 by nine eminent New York academic institutions, the New York Structural Biology Center (NYSBC) is one of the world’s leading centers for structural biology, a field critical for rationally-designed drugs.

Based in Manhattan, we are the only facility in the  US  that  provides  all  three major technologies used in biomolecule structure determination: X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy and cryo-electron microscopy, as well as high quality protein production.

NYSBC works with academic scientists, biopharmaceutical companies and the US government, on a membership or fee-for-service basis, on projects ranging from protein production to structure determination and drug design.

To find out more, please call us (212-939-0660) or visit our website (

New York Structural Biology Center
Senior Business Development Officer 


Intl law.
Avocat à la Cour, Paris Licensed Legal Consultant, New York Référent du Barreau de Paris à New York / Representative of the Paris Bar in New York 

Mr Jeffrey Gardner United States

Adjuvance Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company dedicated to empowering global health through fundamental breakthroughs in vaccine adjuvant design and manufacturing.

Adjuvance’s founders, including Jeffrey GardnerDavid GinPhilip Livingston and Govindaswami Ragupathi comprise a highly motivated group of experienced individuals eager to commercialize our core technologies in close collaboration with key partnering organizations, such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Our team’s credentials span Medicine, Science and Business. Our world-class experience represents in-depth expertise in chemistry, immunology, adjuvant immunopotentiation and therapeutic vaccinology. Most importantly, our team represents world-leading experience in therapeutic vaccines and vaccine adjuvants, and is experienced in the commercialization of immunotherapeutics.

We believe that our world-class team provides you with more than just a business plan, but a group of impassioned founders and seasoned professionals that are capable of seeing through our mission.

Adjuvance Technnologies
President & CBO 

Patrice GARNIER France

AMABIOTICS Amabiotics is a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative microbiome medicines to fight neurodegenerative diseases Industry sectors BioPharma Therapeutics Area CNS-Neurology
Rare Disease
Your innovative solution

AMABIOTICS analyse metabolic interplays between humans and its microbial associated communities. AMABIOTICS discovered novel actions of natural chemical compounds provided by the microbiome that the host cannot synthesize by itself. Our pipeline of products candidates is led by AMA-101 as a potential first-in-class therapy for Parkinson disease.

Which problem are you solving ?

We address the major issue of preventing mitochondrial dysfunction

Target market segments

1 - Neurodegenerative disease / 2 - Obesity / 3 - Tissue regeneration

Key value proposition

Original and specific mode of action / Crosses the blood-brain barrier / Co-evolution with our organism (low risk of adverse side effect).


Dr Tina Garyantes United States

Chromocell is a life sciences company which improves consumer products and patient lives through breakthrough science and technologies. Chromocell is focused on the discovery and development of therapeutics and flavors through the use of pioneering Chromovert® technology. Chromovert technology enables Chromocell to use rare cells ideally suited for effective high-throughput screening. Chromocell’s therapeutics pipeline is currently focused on analgesics and rare diseases, where Chromovert technology has proven highly effective in the rapid identification of potential new drug candidates. In our flavors and nutrition business, Chromocell works with global consumer goods companies to discover and develop flavor ingredients and natural taste enhancers. The technology is applicable to all areas of taste sensations as well as aroma and fragrance enhancer discovery.

Chromocell Corporation
Vice President, Therapeutics 


Bio-Modeling Systems is the world’s first Mechanisms-Based medicine company that changed the discovery paradigm to create novel medical meanings from unreliable heterogeneous sources of data to generate validated & directly exploitable first in class heuristic non-mathematical mechanistic CADI™* models

Created in 2004, profitable since 2006, thanks to our recurrent clients, we confirmed with our partners CADI™ Discovery capability to generate outstanding value through:

·         Dual business model: Contractual or Collaborative R&D programs.

·         External valorization of our collaborative R&D programs through out-licensing or spin-off.

·         Outstanding internal pipeline of programs ready for collaborations, and

·         Already a world's first in neurodegenerative diseases, 1 therapeutic spin-off, 1 exclusive out-license, 4 issued patents, 10 publications (for all details, visit BMSystems website).

We propose to Research, Discovery, Development people, considering that 90-95% failure rate is unacceptable but not a fatality, robust alternative solutions for their critical issues and decisions to make. 

You have a question; we may have the ability to generate the answer through one of our 6 BMSystems’ solutions to critical & high impact issues.

1.       GO-NO GO decision before product acquisition or for portfolio risk analysis.

2.       GO-NO GO decision before next development phase.

3.       R&D program Rescue for a program facing critical issues during its lifetime.

4.       External R&D “B plan” program when the “A plan” cannot be rescued.

5.       Exploratory Discovery program to generate novel causal mechanisms concepts.

6.       Novel Hypotheses for therapeutic and/or diagnostic solutions generation.


We warmly invite you to download our  7 pages management summary,  our Short corporate Presentation or our Full Presentation with all non-confidential details of our 10 POCs.


"Correct understanding of life mechanisms makes novel integrated diagnostics, therapies & preventive solutions discovery smarter, faster & cheaper for healthcare, diagnostic, health technologies, nutrition, and cosmetics!" 

Co-founder & CEO 

Mr Chance Gibson United States

Ideas Matter. Throughout all of human existence, great ideas have caused tectonic shifts in the way we think, live, work, play, and heal. But having a great idea isn’t enough. Great ideas must be nurtured, developed, and driven with singular focus and relentless passion.

IM Strategic Partners (“IMSP”) was founded on the principle that strategic thinking must be coupled with strategic execution to achieve success… and a little luck along the way is nice, too.

Recognizing the changing landscape of healthcare, and health and wellness generally, IMSP was founded by Chance Gibson in 2008 on the principle that the challenges we face are too big for any one organization, or even an entire industry sector, to solve alone. Effectively addressing the issue of the health of America requires the collaboration of traditionally non-traditional partners. Insurance companies must partner with fitness companies, food companies must partner with tech companies, beverage companies must partner with healthcare professional societies, and everyone must learn to work within an ever-changing regulatory environment.

IM Strategic Partners

Aaron Gilchrist United States

There are multiple suppliers and distributors of the organ preservation solutions developed by Drs. Belzer and Southard at the University of Wisconsin. All patents on the formulations used in Belzer UW® Solutions (cold storage and machine perfusion) expired in 2006. Bridge to Life has an exclusive trademark license from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) for the trademark Belzer UW®.

In fact, WARF holds an equity position in Bridge to Life Ltd., a WARF startup company. We proudly honor the name of Dr. Belzer and the institution that developed the UW organ preservation solution, which is still the “gold standard” in organ preservation.

Bridge to Life
Global Director of Business Development