SOFRIGAM Sofrigam is a cold chain packaging manufacturer for heat-sensitive medicines transportation Industry sectors Cold Chain Packaging Therapeutics Area Infectious Diseases - Vaccines
Rare Disease
Your innovative solution

- I-boxe: High-Tech Packaging for very High-value product transportation. A semi-active and smart box protected by two patents and created by a NASA engineer. - Igloo pouche: product for patient transportation drugs. A 2nd version is in the pipeline which would improve the easy and ready to use aspect

Which problem are you solving ?

Sofrigam devises solutions to match the specific demands and requirements of laboratories, biotech, and the need to maintain heat-sensitive products at constant temperatures during transportation. Each year over $1Billion of drugs is fully secured thanks to its insulated solutions. Sofrigam supports companies to achieve their Total Cost of Ownership objectives.

Target market segments

Market segment 1: Biotech Market segment 2: Pharmaceuticals Diagnostics, vaccines and devices Market segment 3: Third-Party Logistics provider Market segment 4: High-value T

Key value proposition

Advantage 1: TCO Mindset Advantage 2: Flexibility Advantage 3: Experience Advantage 4: Time-to-Market

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Aderly Invest in Lyon is the economic development agency of Lyon - France

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abCentral supports creation of innovative startup biotechnology companies by providing a world-class environment for entrepreneurs, and a fully functional life sciences laboratory within the Kendall Square innovation hub. We are next door to MIT, Novartis and Pfizer and close to many other large and medium-sized pharma companies, funding sources and academic institutions. We plan to be the premier laboratory facility for the next generation powerhouse biotech start-up. 

LabCentral creates an open, flexible environment for start-up life sciences companies: 
-Our architecture facilitates interaction and collaboration 
-Spaces are designed to spark discussion and encourage interaction 
-Ancillary services are offered to reduce the workload for startups 

To unclog the biotech start-up pipeline, an innovation hub must provide an awesome shared-lab space with business support services to create a fertile environment in which visionaries can thrive. We hope you will agree that LabCentral is that place.


Laboratory Services, RNAi, drug development, FDA, toxicology, probiotics, contract research laboratory, cell culture, nanotechnology, drug delivery, high throughput screening, IND, NDA, BSL-2, cancer biology

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Our customers have always known that they can depend on Merck Animal Health for more than just medicines. They count on Merck Animal Health for information, technologies and veterinary services that truly advance animal healthcare. It is our heritage and our mission.

Today, our science supports the precious bond between people and their pets. It also helps protect international public health, ensure food safety and increase protein supplies.

Merck Animal Health
AVP & Global Head, Drug Discovery 

Dr Frank Leu United States

Novapeutics LLC is a preclinical biopharmaceutical company spun-out from the University of Pennsylvania that aims to develop a first-in-class small molecule therapeutic to treat diabetes by regenerating insulin-producing beta cells. Our diabetes drug will be orally active and hopefully to provide a cure for diabetics.

Novapeutics LLC