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Predictive intelligence

The insight you’ll gain from Mergermarket often doesn’t become public knowledge until 6-24 months after our journalists first report on it, giving you a large window of opportunity to take early action.

Our global team of dedicated M&A journalists uses its extensive network of industry contacts and executives to gather information about corporate strategy, providing a unique source of M&A intelligence.

League tables

Because we’re always up to speed on which advisors are working which M&A deals, our detailed ‘Who’s who in M&A’ league tables have become an industry standard among investment professionals.

As a Mergermarket subscriber, you can custom-build individual or house league tables to analyze firm performance and enhance your marketing, competitor analysis or pitch book efforts.


Our new ECM tab is more than just an origination tool. It’s an independent voice, delivering the ECM news and information you need, ahead of the market. Learn more about Mergermarket ECM.



Our multilingual team of journalists monitors more than 3,000 global media sources daily, summarizing the most relevant stories to supplement the information our correspondents provide.

Deals database

Through Mergermarket, you can search a global library of historical M&A transactions with fully sourced financials and exit multiples. You can analyze volumes and values of M&A activity in specific regions or sectors to discover deal patterns and identify trends ahead of competitors.

Private equity portfolio

Using Mergermarket’s customizable Private Equity Search facility, you can analyze over 1,000 of the world’s biggest private equity firms, looking at current portfolio, historical exits, potential investments, firm profile, historical advisor and investment relationships, and rival bidders.

What our subscribers say
  • "Being an international law firm, we value Mergermarket as an important resource for real time deal intelligence across borders."

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Your healthcare business faces pressures far beyond escalating costs and competition. Complex regulations now require that you search for efficiencies, seek new ways to offer your services and migrate from paper to electronic data processing.

J.P. Morgan can help you meet those goals. For more than 30 years, we have worked with hospitals and health systems, insurers, private practices and nursing homes. Today, we serve:

  • More than 1,100 hospitals,
  • 10 of the top 10 health insurers,
  • Thousands of physicians’ groups, third-party administrators and other healthcare organizations,
  • The top five pharmacy benefit managers and
  • Six of the top eight pharmacy retailers.

Our treasury products and services can help you accelerate cash flow and optimize your organization’s working capital. In addition, by using products we have specifically designed for the healthcare industry, you can improve the accuracy of the information you need for efficient payment and remittance processing. To learn more about these products, including Healthcare Link for Payers, Healthcare Link for Providers and Health Savings Accounts, see below.

Whether you are coping with the impact of healthcare reform, trying to reduce costs, seeking to improve margins or trying to increase your working capital, put the experience and knowledge of J.P. Morgan Treasury Services to work for your organization.

Healthcare LinkSM

Facilitate the movement from paper to electronic claim remittance processing. Our solution automates the capture and passage of electronic files of explanations of benefits (EOBs) for faster, more accurate posting into your patient accounting or practice management system while still supporting legacy paper processes. See how it can help you. 

J.P Morgan - Healthcare
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Cushman & Wakefield is a global leader in commercial real estate services, helping clients transform the way people work, shop, and live. The firm’s 43,000 employees in more than 60 countries provides deep local and global insights that create significant value for occupiers and investors around the world.


agency leasing, global occupier services, asset services, investment management (branded DTZ Investors), capital markets, project & development services, facility services (branded C&W Services), tenant representation and valuation & advisory

Cushman & Wakefield
Executive Vice President 

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Seamless access to critical data. Customer support that never stops. 21st-century ingenuity combined with good old-fashioned integrity. That's Accessium. No matter what business you're in, our custom solutions will take your data efficiency and security to the next level.


PACS/Radiology/Cardiac/Ortho Systems, HealthCare Information Technology, Moblie Application Integration, Network Security/Auditing, Server and Network Architecture/Design/Support

Accessium Group Inc.
VP of Business 

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Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Chief of Nephrology 

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Desmond Heath
Clinical Instructor 


CLEANIS Cleanis invents and manufactures a range of medical grade bags with absorbent pad for the management of body fluids and which are clinically proven to be very effective in the containment of Healthcare-Associated Infections (H.A.I.) such as VRE or the deadly and highly prevalent Clostridium difficile. Cleanis invents and manufactures innovative hygiene medical products for the safe management of body fluids such as sanitary absorbent liners; clinically proven to be very effective in the containment of Hospital Acquired Infections (H.A.I.) Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Infectious Diseases - Vaccines
Your innovative solution

Carebag is a range of green friendly medical grade bags and liners equipped with a super absorbent pad, designed to replace or cover collection containers such as bedpan ; thus providing a safe solution for the collection, transport and disposal of body fluids whether infectious or not. Made with innovative polymers.

Which problem are you solving ?

The excretas and body fluids management. Carebag has multiple benefits: improvement of hygiene and infection control ; decrease of infection rate ; reduction of Healthcare-Associated Infections (H.A.I.) such as the deadly and highly prevalent C diff. ; substantial cost savings generated by the Reduction of nursing and PPE savings.

Target market segments

Where collection containers such as bedpans or commode pails are used: Hospital (10 to 15% of hospitalization with the support of Infection Preventionnist, especially ICU, Emergency dpt, PACU, post op, cancer treatment center 

Key value proposition

Innovation: Inventor of the product / Leader / Continuous innovation / IP


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Innovation | Value Creation | Top-Bottom Line Growth | Operation Efficiencies | Transformation | Strategic Growth Partners I High Performing Organizations

Accomplished leader drives results for corporate divisions ($200MM to $2BB). Exceeds target goals with focused and differentiated strategy, consumer insight-driven growth plans, operational excellence and building accountable, empowered organizations.


Relentless focus on articulating and driving clear strategic advantages within the organization: brand value proposition, customer value, cost structure. Connects with consumers/customers to understand their needs, then uses this insight to continually strengthen business strategy. The result is acceleration of top and bottom line growth, category leadership and market share.


Works across the entire value chain to quickly assess and prioritize where resources must be refocused and process improvements must be made to improve operating margins and lower capital investment needs. Applies Six Sigma principles to eliminate redundancies and potential points of confusion so that the business and brands can remain proactive in creating value and maintaining their category leadership positions.


Reaches beyond “business as usual” to create products and brand value positions that standout in the market and resonate with consumers. Continually leverages consumer insights to ensure disciplined innovation so that brands stay relevant and meaningful with consumer needs.


Advocates continuous professional development of people within organizations to create a break-through culture. This results in highly engaged work teams where ownership and risk-taking are encouraged; streamlined organization structures and decision processes. As a result the organization is more nimble and can quickly meet the changing needs of today’s dynamic and multi-cultural consumer market.

Consumer-Facing Businesses Food - Personal Care - OTC - Healthcare

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