Mr Ram Balani United States

Our mission has ALWAYS been clear, i.e. assist with healthcare ICD-10 coding in two ways, high tech yet high touch!

--> High Tech – hosted online ICDNavigator using Big Data technology

Most stand-alone or embedded EMR ICD-10 solutions JUST FALL short. Majority are either using CMS GEM (General Equivalent Mapping) or relational data-base driven application or algorithms.

CMS by it own admission states a disclaimer that their ICD-9 to ICD-10 general equivalency mapping is rudimentary and UNDER NO CURCUMSTANCE SHOULD BE RELIED UPON SOLELY with ICD-10 coding. The facts are few ICD-9 map one on one to ICD-10 and the explosion from 13,000 ICD-9 CM to 68,000 ICD-10CM codes makes it apparent that GEMS is at a best a LIMITED guide toward the transitions from ICD-9CM to ICD-10CM.

EMR vendors on the other hand rely on antiquated old-school, pre-BIG DATA information technologies like SQL relational databases that serve well defined data well as most corporations have in the past.

Post Internet era however, unstructured DATA seems to be dominating databases what with blogs, social media, XML and user driven data that would be impossible to contain in traditional SQL relational database tables. Imagine the folly of Google using relational data bases instead of it page-ranking, search driven algorithms to catalog the billions of Internet web pages.

ICDNavigator recognized the absurdity of such an approach with ICD-10 & therefore designed and developed using BIG DATA driven NoSQL, search indexing technologies like SOLR, Apache Lucene, etc. 

ICDNavigator has managed to do what most big EMR vendors or stand-alone physician practice management software CAN NOT DO, i.e develop a sophisticated interactive tool that allow ALL data related to a ICD-10 codes produced from a diagnoses keyword search that works like Google. That aside, the same interactive user screen driven application can be ‘packaged and embedded’ as RESTFUL API programming interfaces into virtually any site or within any application.

Another HUGE advantage to the unstructured DATA approach ICDNavigator has taken is that the hosted application is customizable via simple KEYWORD addition by the use at the site WITHOUT ANY PROGRAMMING. Doing so allows us to LET USERS at the site create simulated Superbills, for example, by merely associating KEYWORDS entered by physician or staff thus creating site or physician specific ICD-10 codes matched to CPT codes used to bill the provider services with. 

--> High Touch – acknowledging fully well that no software solution ONLY will do the job 

ICDNavigator is truly one of a kind in this respect. Aside from offering a FREE version of ICDNavigator or an OPTIONAL monthly fee based PREMIUM ICDNavigator version, we back up our solution with our ICDNavigator Call Center staffed ICD-10 medical coders to assist either thru a phone call or Live Chat/Screen-Share Feature.

Imagine getting stuck with a specific code and not knowing where to for FAST and ACCURATE on the spot HELP with choosing the very specific ICD-10 code you need based on diagnoses or being informed additional High Risk codes you can bill may be included if applicable from case to case.

Only ICDNavigator offers on-demand, LIVE HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT from our remote ICD-10 coders who cn walk you through how ICDNavigator works for specific search or even general ICD-10 problems specific to your need ICDNavigator notwithstanding.


Mrs Sheela Balani United States

FDASmart Inc

Dr Hector Barajas-Martinez United States

Masonic Medical Research Laboratory is a not-for-profit institute dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for all. The Laboratory's primary mission is to conduct high quality basic and clinical research aimed at generating knowledge and information necessary for development of medical cures and treatments of tomorrow. The Laboratory is also committed to providing education and training to basic scientists, clinical researchers and students who will perpetuate and extend the fight against disease.


The Laboratory's primary focus is on basic medical research in the fields of Experimental Cardiology, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics.

Masonic Medical Research Laboratory
Clinical Director of Molecular Genetics 

Professor homar barcena United States

Kings Borough Community College

Mr Shariff Bayoumy United States

MEBIAS holds a game-changing platform to discover next generation, pathway-selective GPCR drugs devoid of on-target side effects once thought to be unavoidable.



  • Fully validated in vitro and ex vivo assay suite correlating ligand-induced dynamic conformation of GPCR to pathway-specific signaling

  • Differentiated mu-opioid receptor pre-development candidates for the treatment of pain, plus backup molecules

Business Proposal

MEBIAS seeks capital to establish a NewCo:

  • To co-develop our mu-opioid drug candidate

  • To fund lead discovery of additional targets


Shariff Bayoumy – Unique expertise in GPCR expression and purification; former head of Janssen gene‑to‑protein team on soluble and membrane proteins

Lawrence Kuo – Former head, Structural Biology (Janssen); former head, Enzymology and Structural Biology (Merck); core member of project teams for Crixivan™ and Stocrin™

Brett A. Tounge – Extensive expertise in designing drug like small molecules from hit discovery through NME declaration; former head of Janssen NMR team

Customer Problem

G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) therapeutics exhibit significant on-target adverse effects that can be alleviated by developing pathway-selective/biased drugs. The clinical benefit to dial pathway selectivity into future GPCR drugs has been clearly established, but current discovery approaches in the pharma/biotech industry are inadequate to speedily design and develop biased drugs.

Target Market

With the downsizing of internal R&D in the pharma industry, there is a dire need for new discovery platforms and assets to help fill early pipelines. GPCR therapeutics comprise ~30% of current prescribed drugs with a global market of >USD100 billion and a projected growth of 20% by 2018.


Our immediate targeted customers will be pharma and biotech R&D. Our intention is to co-develop GPCR pathway-selective drugs to treat CNS, Metabolic, and Inflammatory related disorders. The pathway-selective GPCR landscape is wide open.

Business Model

The first round of funding from investors will be used to form a NewCo with the specific goal to discover and progress pre-development candidates for pathway-selective GPCR indications. In hand we hold differentiated mu-opioid receptor pre-development candidates for the treatment of pain. Revenues from the sale or partnering of our pre-clinical assets will fund new R&D efforts.

Competitive Advantage

Additional players in the GPCR pathway selectivity space are highly desirable to help advance clinical need in numerous disease areas. Given our experience and access to two key technologies – native GPCR purification and protein nuclear magnetic resonance – our approach offers unique advantages lacking in current methodologies (that employ only cell-based assays).  We have demonstrated our competitive advantage by successfully delivering a series of mu‑opioid receptor compounds among which is an NME-stage compound.


Paul BEIRNE United States

Bernstein was founded more than four decades ago to manage money for families and individuals. Our focus has never changed, although our client base has expanded to include institutions, and the services, tools, and resources we offer have evolved with our insights into markets and clients’ needs.

We’re exclusively focused on investment research and management; we don’t engage in investment banking and proprietary trading, so we don’t face the conflicts of interest such businesses pose for other firms. And, as a legal fiduciary, we take up the highest legal bar to ensure that our clients’ interests come first and foremost.

For many clients, we deliver a uniquely integrated approach to managing all or most of their liquid assets. For others, we deliver more targeted services. But in either case, our clients receive the benefit of our firm’s global scope, deep research resources and planning expertise that few other firms can match.

When you entrust Bernstein to serve as your investment manager, you become part of a proud tradition of integrity, trust and financial success.

Bernstein Private Wealth Management
National Managing Director 

Mr Alan Belicha United States

We facilitate the real-world application and commercialization of Mount Sinai discoveries and the development of research partnerships

Mount Sinai Innovation Partners
Business Development Manager 

Mr Etienne Bendjebbar France

GLOBAL CARE Initiative is a French consortium of five non-profit Carnot research institutes dedicated to human health.

CALYM, the Consortium for the acceleration of innovation and its transfer to the field of Lymphoma
Curie Cancer, a component of Institut Curie focused on cancers
ICM, the Brain and Spine Institute dedicated to CNS diseases
Pasteur MI, the infectious diseases division of the Institut Pasteur
Voir et Entendre, expert in vision and audition diseases and rehabilitation

Our goal is to operate as a one-stop shop to life sciences companies and research and technological organizations that seek effective R&D partnerships. The Carnot Institutes can collaborate at any stage — from basic research to late clinical phases. GLOBAL CARE Initiative combines strong scientific expertise to unique technology platforms to propose an innovation-centered collaboration offer.


CNS Diseases, Vision and Audition Diseases, Cancers, Lymphoma, Infectious Diseases

GLOBAL CARE Initiative GLOBAL CARE Initiative is a consortium of 5 French leading research institutes focused on infectious diseases (The institut Pasteur), oncology (The institut Curie), lymphoma (CALYM), vision and audition diseases (Voir et Entendre) and CNS (The brain and spine institute). Industry sectors All Therapeutics Area CNS-Neurology
Infectious Diseases - Vaccines
Ivd / Diagnostics
Rare Disease
Your innovative solution

The institutes have joined to combine their efforts in fostering their international research partnerships with the industry and other RTOs.

Which problem are you solving ?

The consortium operates as a one-stop-shop for life science companies and research organizations that seek R&D collaboration from basic research to the late clinical phases

Target market segments

Basic research / Preclinical research / Clinical

Key value proposition

One stop shop for all of the insitutes / Translational research collaborations (biobanks-clinical data/trials - Epidemiologic data - Animal/cells models) / Access to European market (Patient population/Cormecial market/ European KOLs/clinical centers)/New sourcing for innovation

GLOBAL CARE Initiative
USA West Coast Development 

Mr Kenneth Bennett United States


engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of therapeutic solutions focused on patients’ needs. Sanofi has core strengths in diabetes solutions, human vaccines, innovative drugs, consumer healthcare, emerging markets, animal health and Genzyme.

Sr. Director - US Diabetes 

Dr Jabril Bensedrine United States

The Triana Group is a technology business development company based in the Wall Street area of Manhattan. We specialize in introducing new technologies to strategic partners and setting up go-to-market strategies such as collaborations, joint-ventures, and pitches to key accounts. We are currently advisers to, and part of the executive teams of several projects in the healthcare space, and occasionally consider joining as partners or shareholders. We have direct access to a number of hospitals, ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations), Insurers, as well as nationwide hospital GPOs totaling hundreds of billions of purchasing power (Grouped Purchasing Organizations). 

The Triana Group, Inc.
Managing Director