Mr Fabrice AUROUSSEAU France

PPRS Research PPRS, the Strategic Partnering Organisation is specialised in the development of innovative projects with diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in the neuroscience and orphan diseases fields Industry sectors BioPharma Therapeutics Area CNS-Neurology
Rare Disease
Your innovative solution

Somno-Art is an ambulatory monitoring device allowing the scoring of the user's sleep internal structure with results equivalent to those obtained from the complex polysomnography (PSG). Based on the recordings of two basic and easy-to-measure physiological variables, heart rate and body movements, our in-house software produces a full description of the sleep architecture

Which problem are you solving ?

Around 20% of the overall population suffers from chronic sleep disorders resulting in tens of billion dollars of productivity losses with serious repercussions on the overall health of people (blood pressure, obesity, chronic fatigue...). Somno-Art will allow easier and faster sleep diagnostics compared to traditional sleep monitoring devices.

Target market segments

Research market / Sleep labs market / Medical market

Key value proposition

Medical results / Automatic scoring / Ambulatory / Easy-to-use

PPRS Research

Mr Etienne Bendjebbar France

GLOBAL CARE Initiative is a French consortium of five non-profit Carnot research institutes dedicated to human health.

CALYM, the Consortium for the acceleration of innovation and its transfer to the field of Lymphoma
Curie Cancer, a component of Institut Curie focused on cancers
ICM, the Brain and Spine Institute dedicated to CNS diseases
Pasteur MI, the infectious diseases division of the Institut Pasteur
Voir et Entendre, expert in vision and audition diseases and rehabilitation

Our goal is to operate as a one-stop shop to life sciences companies and research and technological organizations that seek effective R&D partnerships. The Carnot Institutes can collaborate at any stage — from basic research to late clinical phases. GLOBAL CARE Initiative combines strong scientific expertise to unique technology platforms to propose an innovation-centered collaboration offer.


CNS Diseases, Vision and Audition Diseases, Cancers, Lymphoma, Infectious Diseases

GLOBAL CARE Initiative GLOBAL CARE Initiative is a consortium of 5 French leading research institutes focused on infectious diseases (The institut Pasteur), oncology (The institut Curie), lymphoma (CALYM), vision and audition diseases (Voir et Entendre) and CNS (The brain and spine institute). Industry sectors All Therapeutics Area CNS-Neurology
Infectious Diseases - Vaccines
Ivd / Diagnostics
Rare Disease
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The institutes have joined to combine their efforts in fostering their international research partnerships with the industry and other RTOs.

Which problem are you solving ?

The consortium operates as a one-stop-shop for life science companies and research organizations that seek R&D collaboration from basic research to the late clinical phases

Target market segments

Basic research / Preclinical research / Clinical

Key value proposition

One stop shop for all of the insitutes / Translational research collaborations (biobanks-clinical data/trials - Epidemiologic data - Animal/cells models) / Access to European market (Patient population/Cormecial market/ European KOLs/clinical centers)/New sourcing for innovation

GLOBAL CARE Initiative
USA West Coast Development 


CYTOSIAL Biomedic is a pre-clinical medical device startup dedicated to applying its patented chitosan-based breakthrough technology and expertise to the development of medical devices for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.



FEELIGREEN Feeligreen is a technology startup developing safe and effective micro-current devices for a wide range of dermo-therapeutic applications. Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Dermatology
Your innovative solution

We incorporate semiconductor, microelectronics, bio-electronic and drug-formulation innovations into a technology platform from which we are already prototyping products that leap forward with unprecedented safety, ease-of-use and efficiency. Our initial in-vitro results demonstrate an ability to improve transdermic drug delivery by 4 to 10x on a large range of molecules.

Which problem are you solving ?

Targeted medical applications range from prevention of bedsores to controlled pain-relief and wound healing. Combined with advanced photo-dynamic therapy, we develop advanced solutions for dermatology. Our total addressable market is estimated to reach $7 billion by 2018.

Target market segments

Dermatology (psoriasis, atopic demartitis, labial herpes, acne, alopecia, ...) ; Pain relief (chronic pain, BTP, neuropathic and arthritic pain) ; Bedsores (bedsore prevention, bedsore detection , chronic wounds)

Key value proposition

Security and Safety / Controlled Drug Delivery / Programmable-Remote bolus / Measure of compliance


Pierre BITOUN France

i Sonic Medical Makers of Next Generation non Contact Tonometers for glaucoma monitoring Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Ophthalmology
Your innovative solution

Vibration tonometry enables smart tonometers to measure eye pressure without contact,for ophthalmologists, refractive surgeons , otpicians and optometrists and self monitoring at home.

Which problem are you solving ?

Vibration tonometers measure eye pressure independently of corneal thickness and even in people with thin corneas or after refractive surgery

Target market segments

1 Ophthalmologists/ 2 Refractive Surgeons/ 3 opticians & Optometrists/ 4 people with glaucoma or at risk

Key value proposition

1 Fast Repeated measures/ 2 Works on Thin Cornea/3 Measures Corneal elasticity/4 Works after refrtactive surgery

I Sonic Medical

Caroline Blochet France

Medissimo Medissimo offers tools for preparation of prebscription (pillboxes) with full traceability Industry sectors Other: Health and tr Therapeutics Area Adherence
Your innovative solution

imedipac is a connceted, rec hageable, pillbox for better treatment adhrence

Which problem are you solving ?

imedipac's main objective is to increase treatment adherence and measure it 

Target market segments

Patients at home/patients in nursing homes

Key value proposition

Well designed connected pillbox/reliability/total traceability/very good knowledge of our market in France


Christian BLOY France

CLEVEXEL Pharma invests its teams' know-how to catalyze innovative drug development projects and ensure their attractiveness on the market.

We are an integrated, one-stop-shop solution for the co-development of promising new therapeutic compounds. We partner with inventors to boost the development of their product from proof-of-concept in an animal model to proof-of-concept in human. The project is then outlicensed to a pharmaceutical company for Phase III and Market Access.

CleveXel Pharma


Airspek - Dietsensor AIRSPEK will launch DietSensor, the first app with sensors that automates nutrient counting anywhere.

Industry sectors

E_health Therapeutics Area  Nutrition and Weight Loss Our innovative solution  Pioneer in automatic nutrient tracking, DietSensor brings a new level of simplicity and accuracy to diet trackers, helping 1.4B overweight people including 166M americans. It analyses the food with a click of a button, using a micro scale and SCIO, the first molecular sensor that fits in a hand. Problem solved  Counting is a first step toward behavior changes. DietSensor will sign the beginning of a new era of tools dedicated to nutrition tracking and coaching, providing an easy tool to 60% of the American adults who say that they try to track their diet but find declarative apps too inconvenient. Market segments  Overweight / Obesity / Diabetes T1&2 / Wellness & healthy eating Key value proposition
  •  it offers an attractive user friendly meal logging experience, avoiding manual search in a database for most of the foods: the scanning user experience takes up to 10 times less clicks to log a food than a manual self declarative input method /
  • spectrometry makes possible accurate analysis of homogeneous food and beverage, taking into account specific cooking and additive ingredient


  • the food database and its models will respond accurately on any homogeneous food, even on home made dishes and beverages that do not have a nutritional label /


  • DietSensor gives a lot of feedback on food quality and quantity while logging food, making possible immediate behavior changes before eating
Airspek - Dietsensor

Dr Richard BOUAOUN France

DEFYMED Defymed is a french startup that develops implantable bio-artificial medical devices for cell therapy with a first focus on type 1 diabetes Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Endocrinology
Your innovative solution

The initial product designed is a bioartificial Pancreas, named MAILPAN

Which problem are you solving ?


Target market segments

Market segment 1: type 1 diabets/ Market segment 2: liver diseases

Key value proposition

Advantage 1: functioning autonomy due to its physiologic implantation site/ Advantage 2: Entry and exit ports allowing filling/emptying of cells when needed/ Advantage 3: Big volume, which allows filling with a sufficient number of cells/ Advantage 4: flat surface allowing to maximise surface exchanges and cells survival and function 

Dr Richard BOUAOUN
Director of Operations 

Mr Philippe Chelle France

AB7 Industries  R&D and GMP manufacturing company with unique active ingredient release technology devices with application in the human and the animal health sectors Industry sectors Biotech Therapeutics Area Dermatology
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Your innovative solution

Technology allows for a large quantity of active ingredient to be stored in a polymer matrix for a constant and slow targeted release. The active polymer is either embedded onto textile supports or on self adhesive multi layer long lasting patches or in particles in suspension in a solution. Products include pain relief devices (active textiles or patches), slimming devices, active foot care, mosquito control devices,...

Which problem are you solving ?

We are able to have products lasting much longer because we can insert a large amount of actives in the device and we control the release kinetic. For instance, istead of having a 8 hour pain relief patch, we can obtain a reusable, washable patch equivalent lasting several weeks.

Target market segments

Rheumatology/ Orthopedics / Dermatology / Slimming / Parasite control

Key value proposition

Long lasting active release / Constant release / Targeted area

AB7 America, Inc
Director Export