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Corporate Overview

GCA Therapeutics Ltd (GCAT) is a US based, specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on in-licensing, acquisition and marketing of mid through late stage drug candidates and technologies from North America and the EU. GCAT applies its expertise and resources in pre-clinical, clinical, and final regulatory review and approval phases to commercialize products for use in the Chinese market. GCAT is currently in discussion with several US and European biotech and pharma firms to bring several important drugs to market through its joint venture in Tianjin, China. Initially, GCAT will market its products through a 3rd party distribution/sales partnership and will construct or acquire manufacture capabilities in China at a later date. GCAT currently has operations in New Jersey, New York, Shanghai, and Beijing.

GCA Therapeutics

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ass Innovation Labs embodies an ecosystem of innovators in its 124,000 square foot first-class chemistry and biology space in the heart of Kendall Square. We provide comprehensive solutions for growing companies, including animal facilities, co-located CRO services and operational needs. Our goal is to reduce the time for teams to overcome hurdles on their way to a milestone. Our space offers a collaborative ecosystem that allows a company to run as a lean organization and focus on the science with expert drug development partners down the hall. 

At Milabs, our full service offerings allow you to innovate like a start up while commercializing like a pharma. 

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Mass Innovation Labs

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Keystone for Incubating Innovation in Life sciences Network, KiiLN, is an accelerator dedicated to helping early-stage biotech companies. The primary purpose of KiiLN is to address the need for business assistance for young scientific startups. We will foster a community of like-minded entrepreneurial scientists to aid in the success of these companies by providing networking, mentoring and access to experienced entrepreneurs. The KiiLN community will contribute to the growing life science community in New York by building a culture that sustains innovation.

The long-term vision of KiiLN is to create a vibrant biomedical research industry specific cluster in Manhattan and contribute to making New York City a major biotechnology hub.

Program Director 

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Parks Pharma Consulting

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NewYorkBIO brings together over 250 of New York’s bioscience companies, universities, research institutions, and others dedicated to advancing life science research and commercialization.  We are the leading advocate for our industry in New York State.

The New York area is the largest and richest bioscience community in the world: among other assets, the region

  • boasts over 60% of Big Pharma national or global HQs;
  • supports more than 75,000 direct biotechnology jobs and was named Genetic Engineering News’s #1 region in the US to find a biotech job;
  • graduates more life science PhDs than any other region in the US;
  • is home to over 25% of the clinical trials in the US; and
  • lays claim to the world’s largest concentration of academic medical centers.

We drive innovation and support the development and growth of New York State’s life science industry, our members, and the  community by providing a network for information exchange, shared services, and collective action.

Executive Director 

Mr Brian Toglia United States

Tanner-Ibbotson recognizes the importance of innovation and technological advances in Public Health.  Companies that research and manufacture medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics and pharmaceuticals are exposed to risk at each level of development. An unexpected event can prevent the next big advancement from ever making it to the marketplace.  Life Science companies require a specialized comprehensive insurance and risk management program.  
New York State is recognized as one of the epicenters of Innovation in Life Sciences in the United States.  Tanner-Ibbotson has partnered with PRS Brokers to meet the unique and specific needs of Life Science Companies.  The partnership brings together close to 20 years experience in providing insurance and risk management solutions to the Life Science sector.
Expert knowledge of this industry enables us to tailor a program that can include:

  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Auto Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Clinical Trials- US and Worldwide
  • Management Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Product Recall
  • Intellectual Property
  • Transit/Ocean Marine

We serve Life Science companies in all stages from Research & Development to clinical trials to commercialization.
The industry includes the following:

  • Medical Device Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Nutraceuticals/Supplements Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Medical Software Developers
  • Nanotechnology Companies
  • Contract Drug or Device Manufacturers
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Site Management Organizations
Tanner-Ibbotson, Inc.
Vice President 

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Argus Research is an independent research firm, and our business is producing, distributing and marketing high-quality investment and economic research.

Our recommendations - BUY, HOLD and SELL - reflect the judgment of an analyst about a company’s prospects as an investment in terms of value, expected growth and risks.

Argus Research does not bring companies public, advise companies on mergers and acquisitions, broker trades, make markets in stocks or manage money. Our independence allows us to make critical judgments about companies that we might not be so free to make were we competing for a firm’s underwriting business. Because we’re not a broker/dealer, we don’t have “inventory” of a stock that we have to move with a tainted recommendation.

In recent years, numerous academic studies have concluded that investors benefit from independent research. Here are some of the benefits:

Aligned Interests

The incentives to bias recommendations upward are stronger for brokerage analysts affiliated with Investment Banks, according to a Stanford Graduate School of Business study.

Transparency & Objectivity

The use of Independent Research through the Global Settlement has pulled optimism out of the market & cleared up rating confusion for retail investors, according to a Washington University/Case Western Reserve University study.


Independent Research Provider BUY ratings statistically and significantly outperform Investment Bank BUYS, according to a study published by the University of California-Davis, University of Michigan and University of California Los Angeles.

Argus Research
Senior Analyst 

Dr Brett Tounge United States

MEBIAS holds a game-changing platform to discover next generation, pathway-selective GPCR drugs devoid of on-target side effects once thought to be unavoidable.



  • Fully validated in vitro and ex vivo assay suite correlating ligand-induced dynamic conformation of GPCR to pathway-specific signaling

  • Differentiated mu-opioid receptor pre-development candidates for the treatment of pain, plus backup molecules

Business Proposal

MEBIAS seeks capital to establish a NewCo:

  • To co-develop our mu-opioid drug candidate

  • To fund lead discovery of additional targets


Shariff Bayoumy – Unique expertise in GPCR expression and purification; former head of Janssen gene‑to‑protein team on soluble and membrane proteins

Lawrence Kuo – Former head, Structural Biology (Janssen); former head, Enzymology and Structural Biology (Merck); core member of project teams for Crixivan™ and Stocrin™

Brett A. Tounge – Extensive expertise in designing drug like small molecules from hit discovery through NME declaration; former head of Janssen NMR team

Customer Problem

G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) therapeutics exhibit significant on-target adverse effects that can be alleviated by developing pathway-selective/biased drugs. The clinical benefit to dial pathway selectivity into future GPCR drugs has been clearly established, but current discovery approaches in the pharma/biotech industry are inadequate to speedily design and develop biased drugs.

Target Market

With the downsizing of internal R&D in the pharma industry, there is a dire need for new discovery platforms and assets to help fill early pipelines. GPCR therapeutics comprise ~30% of current prescribed drugs with a global market of >USD100 billion and a projected growth of 20% by 2018.


Our immediate targeted customers will be pharma and biotech R&D. Our intention is to co-develop GPCR pathway-selective drugs to treat CNS, Metabolic, and Inflammatory related disorders. The pathway-selective GPCR landscape is wide open.

Business Model

The first round of funding from investors will be used to form a NewCo with the specific goal to discover and progress pre-development candidates for pathway-selective GPCR indications. In hand we hold differentiated mu-opioid receptor pre-development candidates for the treatment of pain. Revenues from the sale or partnering of our pre-clinical assets will fund new R&D efforts.

Competitive Advantage

Additional players in the GPCR pathway selectivity space are highly desirable to help advance clinical need in numerous disease areas. Given our experience and access to two key technologies – native GPCR purification and protein nuclear magnetic resonance – our approach offers unique advantages lacking in current methodologies (that employ only cell-based assays).  We have demonstrated our competitive advantage by successfully delivering a series of mu‑opioid receptor compounds among which is an NME-stage compound.

Associate Director 

Olivia Tournay Flatto United States

Our Mission

The Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance is dedicated to playing a catalytic role in accelerating cures for cancer by enabling the pursuit of the most innovative and advanced cancer research and by facilitating collaborations between science and business.

The Alliance will launch a series of initiatives to further its Mission.

Our Story

Karen and Bill Ackman established The Pershing Square Foundation in December 2006. Bill is the CEO and Portfolio Manager of Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. Based in New York, The Pershing Square Foundation has committed close to $350 million in grants and social investments to support exceptional leaders and innovative organizations that tackle important social issues and deliver scalable and sustainable impact across the globe.

The Foundation’s commitment to be a philanthropic catalyst inspired Bill Ackman to partner with The Sohn Conference Foundation to accelerate cures for cancer. The Sohn Conference Foundation was born from the loss of Ira Sohn, a Wall Street professional who succumbed to cancer at 29. In 1995, his colleagues, friends, and family joined forces to honor his memory. The Sohn Conference Foundation is dedicated to supporting innovative initiatives to cure and treat pediatric cancer. Identifying specific areas of need, the Foundation funds groundbreaking research, state-of-the-art technology, and programs to target cures and improve patient care.

The alliance of these two foundations will leverage their respective resources, their investigators, and their opportunities to exponentially impact the field of cancer research.

Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance
Executive Director