Ms Vered Bisker-Leib United States

Cydan Development is an orphan drug accelerator that identifies and de-risks programs with therapeutic and commercial potential. Cydan focuses on selecting promising assets with well-understood biology and proof-of-concept data in in vivo models from academia, industry and other sources. Data generated during a rigorous de-risking process enables formation of stand-alone companies and strategic partnerships.


Orphan Drugs, Rare Diseases, Genetic Disorders

Cydan: Orphan Drug Accelerator
Chief Business Officer 

Pierre BITOUN France

i Sonic Medical Makers of Next Generation non Contact Tonometers for glaucoma monitoring Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Ophthalmology
Your innovative solution

Vibration tonometry enables smart tonometers to measure eye pressure without contact,for ophthalmologists, refractive surgeons , otpicians and optometrists and self monitoring at home.

Which problem are you solving ?

Vibration tonometers measure eye pressure independently of corneal thickness and even in people with thin corneas or after refractive surgery

Target market segments

1 Ophthalmologists/ 2 Refractive Surgeons/ 3 opticians & Optometrists/ 4 people with glaucoma or at risk

Key value proposition

1 Fast Repeated measures/ 2 Works on Thin Cornea/3 Measures Corneal elasticity/4 Works after refrtactive surgery

I Sonic Medical

Caroline Blochet France

Medissimo Medissimo offers tools for preparation of prebscription (pillboxes) with full traceability Industry sectors Other: Health and tr Therapeutics Area Adherence
Your innovative solution

imedipac is a connceted, rec hageable, pillbox for better treatment adhrence

Which problem are you solving ?

imedipac's main objective is to increase treatment adherence and measure it 

Target market segments

Patients at home/patients in nursing homes

Key value proposition

Well designed connected pillbox/reliability/total traceability/very good knowledge of our market in France


Christian BLOY France

CLEVEXEL Pharma invests its teams' know-how to catalyze innovative drug development projects and ensure their attractiveness on the market.

We are an integrated, one-stop-shop solution for the co-development of promising new therapeutic compounds. We partner with inventors to boost the development of their product from proof-of-concept in an animal model to proof-of-concept in human. The project is then outlicensed to a pharmaceutical company for Phase III and Market Access.

CleveXel Pharma

Helene Boigard United States

TechnoVax is a privately held near-clinical-stage biotechnology company based in Tarrytown, NY specializing in viral vaccine development. Our mission is to create and advance towards the market safe, unique and novel vaccine technologies with no current alternatives that will revolutionize the way vaccines are developed, distributed and administered. 

TechnoVax has developed a next-generation technology-platform based on Virus-Like Particles (VLP) that greatly enhances and facilitates the development and production of a limitless range of vaccines targeting the prevention of respiratory diseases as well as hemorrhagic fevers, immunodeficiency and cancers. The industry strongly believes that VLP based vaccines is the technology of the future! 

Our vaccines pipeline has been rapidly approaching the clinical phases with 3 main candidates: 
- A Universal flu vaccine that will eliminate the need for annual flu vaccination and will protect faster and better against future pandemic strains; 
- An Inhaled Powder flu vaccine that eliminates the need for cold chain storage and distribution and could be self-administered: a greatly needed solution for the developing world; 
- An RSV vaccine to protect against one of the leading causes of infant and elderly hospitalizations and often results in fatalities with the elderly. 

We have received over $5.0 million in non-dilutive funding. We are actively pursuing strategic partnerships and are seeking funding to start human testing.

Research Associate 


Airspek - Dietsensor AIRSPEK will launch DietSensor, the first app with sensors that automates nutrient counting anywhere.

Industry sectors

E_health Therapeutics Area  Nutrition and Weight Loss Our innovative solution  Pioneer in automatic nutrient tracking, DietSensor brings a new level of simplicity and accuracy to diet trackers, helping 1.4B overweight people including 166M americans. It analyses the food with a click of a button, using a micro scale and SCIO, the first molecular sensor that fits in a hand. Problem solved  Counting is a first step toward behavior changes. DietSensor will sign the beginning of a new era of tools dedicated to nutrition tracking and coaching, providing an easy tool to 60% of the American adults who say that they try to track their diet but find declarative apps too inconvenient. Market segments  Overweight / Obesity / Diabetes T1&2 / Wellness & healthy eating Key value proposition
  •  it offers an attractive user friendly meal logging experience, avoiding manual search in a database for most of the foods: the scanning user experience takes up to 10 times less clicks to log a food than a manual self declarative input method /
  • spectrometry makes possible accurate analysis of homogeneous food and beverage, taking into account specific cooking and additive ingredient


  • the food database and its models will respond accurately on any homogeneous food, even on home made dishes and beverages that do not have a nutritional label /


  • DietSensor gives a lot of feedback on food quality and quantity while logging food, making possible immediate behavior changes before eating
Airspek - Dietsensor

David C Bonner United States

What makes Regenevita Biocellular Regenerative Medical Treatments unique?

Regenevita is a WORLD LEADER in use of your own cells, coupled with important natural chemicals stored within our platelets, to be safely and effectively used to improve and enhance our body’s ability to repair damaged or aging tissues. With more than 20 years experience with Biocellular Regenerative Treatments in medical-surgical practice, we offer treatments which can greatly improve your ability to maintain and restore normal activities or appearance. Just the term “biocellular” says it all. We use your own platelets and cells from within your own fat tissue to enhance your ability to enjoy pain-free function and activities.

Stematix, Inc

Dr Richard BOUAOUN France

DEFYMED Defymed is a french startup that develops implantable bio-artificial medical devices for cell therapy with a first focus on type 1 diabetes Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Endocrinology
Your innovative solution

The initial product designed is a bioartificial Pancreas, named MAILPAN

Which problem are you solving ?


Target market segments

Market segment 1: type 1 diabets/ Market segment 2: liver diseases

Key value proposition

Advantage 1: functioning autonomy due to its physiologic implantation site/ Advantage 2: Entry and exit ports allowing filling/emptying of cells when needed/ Advantage 3: Big volume, which allows filling with a sufficient number of cells/ Advantage 4: flat surface allowing to maximise surface exchanges and cells survival and function 

Dr Richard BOUAOUN
Director of Operations 

Mr Chad Bouton United States

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research - The North Shore-LIJ Health System
Division Leader, Neurotechnology and Analytic - Managing Director, Center for Bioelectronic Medicine 

Robert Boxer United States

Chief TeleHealth Innovation Officer