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Trillium Medical Ventures LLC, a bio science technology assessment firm founded in 1998, evaluates life science intellectual property and technology with the objective of identifying unique and valuable life science investment and product development opportunities. Trillium has extensive experience in the identification and analysis of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical intellectual-property licensing opportunities at all stages of the drug-development cycle, from basic research to regional and worldwide clinical development. The Team is made up of pharmaceutically-trained life science professionals with decades of industry experience encompassing drug discovery and product development, life sciences start-up investing and intellectual property evaluation. The Trillium Team’s experience in life sciences truly spans from the “research bench to the pharmacy shelf” and allows us to provide expert services.

Trillium Medical Ventures
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From developing new therapies that treat and prevent disease to helping people in need, we're committed to improving health and well-being around the world.
Global Director, Scientific, Medical and Patient Perspective 

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AXENIS business model is based on the following three ideas :

-Central focus on humanized mouse models and their applications;

-Feed the flow of in-licensed new models and innovations in order to generate the richest possible catalogue of humanized models and pre-clinical studies and accumulate latest models and

related knowledge

-Offer pre-clinical studies to the biopharma industry.



-Human immuno-profiling for drug discovery and validation;

-Searching for and validating predictive biomarkers of disease progression or resolution (infection, autoimmunity, tumor control…);development/Validation of vaccine, biologicals, small molecules, adjuvants and mAb treatments;



Partners/Licensing of immunodeficient mice :

Ø  PDX models/Sell

Ø  US/Asia/India/Europa

Ø  Co-development of new combine models (Liver/Tumor/Muscle..)



It will specialize in bringing the newest validated models to its clients and exploiting these models through in-house experimental studies. The vision of the founders is to make AXENIS a world-wide leading service company in humanized models.


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Our mission is to care and cure.

We want to discover, develop and successfully market innovative products to prevent and cure diseases, to ease suffering and to enhance the quality of life.

We also want to provide a shareholder return that reflects outstanding performance and to adequately reward those who invest their money, their time and their ideas in our company.

Executive Director, Quality 

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The Madison County Economic Development Authority, or MCEDA as we are known locally, offers a broad array of economic development, business development, and corporate site location assistance services to new and expanding businesses and industry. 

MCEDA owns the newly created Mississippi Bio-Medical Business Collaboratory. A 60,000 square foot office and educational services facility for bio-medical and medical related companies. We are seeking new tenants for the facility. Current tenants include: TeleHealthOne (telemedicine provider), Xerox, Mississippi Association of Nurse Practitioners, and the Global Training Institute (a brand new state-of-the art Surgical and Medical Simulation Center).

Madison County Economic Development Authority - Mississippi Bio-Medical Business Collaboratory
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French Embassy
Biotech & Health Industry Attaché 

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US Dept Health & Human Services
Director, Health Plans Branch 

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Torreya Insights is a professional and data services company that integrates advice, transaction preparation and database analysis for life science companies. We primarily service business development and financing professionals in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. 

We are a sister company to Torreya Partners, a leading life sciences boutique M&A and financial advisory firm based in New York, which since its inception in 2007 has completed over 100 transactions in life sciences (www.torreyapartners.com). We work closely with Torreya Partners to seamlessly integrate the services that we provide to our clients. 

Our engagements usually center around assisting companies in business development transactions, including capital raise, valuation, as well as locating suitable assets for acquisition or potential partners for further asset development. 

We also provide access to AvaRx (which soft launched in January 2014) is a searchable dynamic database of over 2,000 licensing opportunities. 

Follow us at @TorreyaInsights for updates.


Licensing / M&A Opportunity Identification, Research and Data Services, AvaRx – Licensing Opportunity Database, BioPharma CRM & Contact Solutions, Licensing Dynamics, Financing Dynamics

Torreya Insights

Mr Christopher Cummings United States

Life Science Nation (LSN) was founded by Dennis Ford, CEO, in 2012 to bring a better sales and marketing awareness to the life science community. LSN’s goal is to educate scientists in the basic skills required to brand, message, and market their companies.

Before LSN, Dennis was the CEO of a company that pioneered a system for uncovering global institutional investors and gauging their appetite regarding investing in hedge funds, private equity funds, and venture capital (VC) funds. The methodology used to capture and curate this valuable data was developed in part by a research team that would cold call and canvass these investors. The team would conduct a one-on-one interview with each investor that uncovered any current investment mandates they had. This allowed them to identify exactly where the capital was and specifically who had the mandate to deploy it.

After working with fundraisers in the alternative finance space for six years, Dennis wanted to bring his expertise to the life sciences and channel this fundraising experience toward the goal of moving science forward. Dennis knew from his experience in the alternatives field that many institutional investors and family offices were starting to withdraw capital from funds due to a decade of sub-par returns, initiating a trend of direct investment. This dovetailed with an accelerating trend of philanthropic investment and a desire among many investors to eradicate diseases affecting their family, friends or other groups that they have an affinity towards.

Identifying who has capital and is a fit for your company is the conundrum of the life science arena. The life science industry is poised at the entryway of a new golden age.  The one factor holding back the life science explosion is lack of capital. Dennis’s vision led him to believe that LSN could expedite the capital-raising problem by identifying active life science investors seeking emerging biotech and medtech companies and creating in-depth profiles that detail their specific preferences.  This would allow scientist-entrepreneurs to identify investors based on fit for their stage and sector, thus greatly enhancing the results of their outbound fundraising campaigns.

Dennis sought to create a match.com-like sourcing platform for the life sciences.  He knew that he needed not only current, accurate, and actionable information on both of the constituent groups who would use the platform, but also a home for the data he had started to gather on early stage life science investors.

Life Science Nation
Business Development 

Christian Curel France

i2a Founded over 25 years ago, i2a develops microbiology instruments, software, reagents and consumables. i2a is now launching a Total Bacteriology Lab Automation solution. Industry sectors Medtech Therapeutics Area Immunology
Infectious Diseases - Vaccines
Ivd / Diagnostics
Your innovative solution

i2a is a company working on microbiology automation. The objective is to offer a global solution from the arrival of samples to the final results. i2a manufactures and sells pre-analytical device, automatic incubator automatic reader-incubator, software, reagents and consumables. The current total bacteriology automation proposed by i2a strengthens quality, optimizes sample flow, enhances flexibility and reduces costs.

Which problem are you solving ?

Each clinical microbiology laboratory is unique and its organization may vary, but they all have seen a 10 

Target market segments

Market segment 1: Hospital Clinical Lab of Microbiology Market segment 2: Reference Lab of Microbiology Market segment 3: Small and Medium Private Lab of Microbiology

Key value proposition

Advantage 1: Strenghten quality Advantage 2: Enhance flexibility Advantage 3: Optimize sample flow Advantage 4: Reduce costs

CEO & Founder