Armelle CUVILLIER France

B Cell Design promotes a new approach of mucosal immunotherapies. The innovation is based on a technology platform to generate a large number of drug and vaccine candidates in infectious diseases and oncology.

The preferential tropism of class A isotype for mucosal compartments is the key in treatment of infectious diseases and mucosal cancers (gut, lung) strategies.  Its high resistance (under its secretory form) through the entire digestive tracts, allow an oral administration of anti-cancer immunotherapy. B CELL DESIGN develops a new concept of therapeutic IgA and secretory IgA for anti-colorectal cancer therapy and medical imaging of early-stage metastasis. To target AIDS, B Cell Design develops an alternative vaccine approach for a mucosal induction of a neutralizing response, at the gate of entrance of the virus.

Based on an innovative platform of humanized transgenic mice models, B CELL DESIGN offers a complete panel of specific monoclonal antibodies, hIgG1, hIgA1, hIgA2, SIgA1, hIgM and hIgE. The main issue in the diagnostic industry is to solve the problem of supply in specific human sera, as positive controls and calibrators for their diagnostic kits. Plus, for some diseases, patients developed a combined immune response, requiring testing various isotypes. B CELL DESIGN offers secure solutions to overcome supplying restraints. Working with monoclonal antibodies offers a perfect reproducibility of antibodies affinity, allows keeping quality track of all components of the kit, and ensures a complete safety for users because of a non-human cellular manufacturing system.



B CELL DESIGN is seeking for partners to pursue the development of our drug candidates and to  initiate new projects based on our technological platform.

Chairman, C.S.O 

Klara Czobor United States

Klast Consulting, Inc

Professor Christopher J. Czura United States

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research - The North Shore-LIJ Health System
VP, Scientific Affairs - Executive Director, Merinoff Symposia - Publisher of Molecular Medicine and Bioelectronic Medicine  

Dr CHARLOTTE D'Hulst United States

Research Interest:

  • Using targeted mutagenesis and mouse genetics to study how the brain functions.
    The brain interprets the world through five major modalities of sensation.
    Information for sight, sound, taste and touch are relayed to the brain through networks of cellular or neuronal connections.

    The sense of smell (olfaction); however, uses specialized bipolar neurons, which can simultaneously identify odors with their dendritically located cilia and make direct connections to the brain with their axonal projections. Thus, olfactory neurons directly convert stimuli from the external world into an internal representation within the brain. In a surprising twist, the same protein (the odorant receptor) that is used for identifying odors is also used for guiding the axonal connection to the brain. The olfactory system detects the universe of odors through ~1000 different odorant receptor coding genes. But, each olfactory neuron makes only one type of odorant receptor. The distribution of neuron types is scattered across the interior lining of the nose, but their axonal projections to the brain are sorted out into discrete units that represent each neuronal type.

    To examine how the odorant receptor (OR) functions in odor detection and axonal projections, I have used mouse embryonic stem cell technology coupled with genetic manipulation to alter the expressed OR proteins. Studying these modified OR proteins in vivo, I have found that several additional processes within the neuron are affected. The observed one OR gene expressed per olfactory neuron is maintained even if additional OR genes are added to the genome. I am interested in understanding how olfactory neurons control OR gene expression and how the OR protein provides specificity for axonal projections to form discrete units in the brain.
Feinstein Lab of Neurogenetics
Post Doctoral Research Fellow 

Mrs Pia D'Urbano United States


engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of therapeutic solutions focused on patients’ needs. Sanofi has core strengths in diabetes solutions, human vaccines, innovative drugs, consumer healthcare, emerging markets, animal health and Genzyme.


Mrs Carla DA COSTA France

CREAPHARM GROUP Providing customized international clinical supplies solutions to meet your needs & Improving your patients

CreaPharm group is a customer-focused team of 164 people applying their expertise and innovative solutions to offer a first-class service to their 250 active customers.

We are a mid-size subcontractor that is big enough to offer high range of services of the highest quality while at the same time being small enough to offer dedicated care and to adapt its processes according to the specificities of each client request.

Our 4 facilities are fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Distribution Practices and are inspected by the French medicines agency ANSM for human medicinal products and the ANSES for veterinary products.

Our team has years of experience in managing all types of projects with agility, flexibility and responsiveness.

Clinical Supplies:

·         GMP manufacturing,

·         Packaging and labelling,

·         International distribution,

·         Comparator and ancillary goods sourcing,

·         IMP importation and QP release services,

·         Biological sampling kit production


Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing:

·         Packaging design and development, Packaging of market drugs,

·         Special packing and repacking activities,

·         Late stage customization


Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing:

·         Formulation of cosmetic products,

·         A wide range of formulas available,

·         Packaging design and development, Manufacturing & packaging of cosmetic products

CreaPharm group
Business Development Director 

Professor Robert Daber United States

BioReference is the third largest full service clinical diagnostic laboratory in the U.S. providing testing and related services to physician offices, clinics, hospitals, long term care facilities, employers, governmental units and correctional institutions. We offer a comprehensive test list focusing on molecular diagnostics, anatomical pathology, genetics, and women’s health. Moreover, through its GeneDx subsidiary, BioReference has an international presence in more than 50 countries around the world. 

Our client retention is unparalleled in the industry because we are much more than just the provider of quality diagnostics. We have grown primarily as a result of our differentiating business model which is both physician-centric – providing superior service and support – and clinically relevant – providing innovative and disruptive technology to improve patient outcomes. What makes us different from other labs is the added value we bring through personal attention and professional support and the effort we make to understand our clients’ needs. Our success comes from helping clinicians deliver premium services to the patients in their care – through a full menu of cost–conscious testing options and cutting edge technologies with clinically–relevant results, all in a medically and fiscally responsible manner. 

In addition, BioReference has pioneered the development of business solutions for our clients, providing data and analytics to help them operate at their fullest potential. 

The Laboratory services multiple markets through several specialized business units, each with its own dedicated sales team and highly-trained support personnel. These include women’s health, oncology, genetics and a lab division focused exclusively on the nation’s expanding Spanish-speaking populations.


Clinical Diagnostics, Oncology, Women's Health, Genetic Testing

BioReference Laboratories

Dr Rajeev Dadoo United States

SR One is the corporate venture capital arm of GlaxoSmithKline. The firm invests globally in emerging life science companies that are pursuing innovative science which will significantly impact medical care. We have a team of investment professionals, located in the US and UK. As a Team, our experience spans basic science, industry and the market. We take an active role in our portfolio companies and work with management teams and our fellow venture investors to create significant value. Our current portfolio includes approximately 35 private and public companies and since our founding in 1985, we have invested over $830MM in the biotech space. Our expanded remit also focuses on maximizing the value of GSK technological innovation to establish new businesses and revenue opportunities across a range of industries.


Vincent DAFFOURD France

Care Labs Edition, management and marketing of prepaid voucher : healthcare voucher Industry sectors E health Therapeutics Area Dental and Oral Health
Nutrition and Weight Loss
Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery
Your innovative solution


Which problem are you solving ?

The costs of healthcare become more and more disabling for the modern-day families. Because of these costs, they tend to avoid taking medical appointments. Our objective is to allow every individual to be the master of his own health capital.

Target market segments

Firms, Works Council, Mutual insurance companies, Insurances?

Key value proposition

Prepaid voucher, Online appointment setting, Intelligent health record, Directory of the healthcare professionals

Care Labs

Paulette Daniel United States

Consultant, Human Capital